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Thinking about getting a dog but not sure which breed is right for you?

Active, loyal and gentle dogs. Long haired, short haired and hairless breeds… Pets4You has a huge range of fantastic fur balls. With over 300 brilliant breeds, this is a big list, but we do not claim it to be definitive. The biggest clubs such as the AKC and the The Kennel Club recognize around 200 breeds, while the FCI has over 350. But unlike all of them, Pets4You also includes a multitude of modern designer cross breeds. With this long list, whatever pup you are looking for, we will have the breed for you…

Purebred dog breeds

The Pets4You directory of over 250 purebred dog breeds, from Chihuahua’s to Caucasian Shepherd’s. You can't fail to find the right purebred for you.

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Purebred dog breeds

Designer dog breeds

Discover our list of over 40 designer dog breeds. From Labradoodle to Cavapoo, we have all the most popular hybrid dog breeds for you to choose from.

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Designer dog breeds

All Dog Breeds

Purebred and Designer breeds

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