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All you need to know about the Maltipoo

Maltipoos are one of the more popular Poodle hybrids that appeared in recent times. They make wonderful pets for basically anyone, be it larger families or people living alone.

These pups will devote themselves to you completely and will follow you around wherever you go. The fact that they barely shed makes them a great choice for people living in apartments.

As the name implies, the Maltipoo is a mix of a Maltese and a Poodle. These dogs inherited all of the positive characteristics of their parent breeds. They are playful, smart, affectionate, and gentle.

No matter what your lifestyle is, Maltipoos will make great companions for you. These pups are patient and will be great pets for first-time dog owners. They adore snuggling and live for constant belly-rubs, so it makes sense that they don’t like being left alone.

Fast Facts

Group - Designer (non-official)

Weight - 5-15 Pounds 

Height - Up to 14 Inches 

Hair Length - Medium

Shedding - Lite

Lifespan - 13-15 Years

The Appearance of the Maltipoo

These tiny pups are known for their wavy or curly coats that are usually medium-length. They are basically made for cuddling, and their soft, fluffy coat makes it a joy even for you.

Each individual Maltipoo is unique in its own way. This is because the parents’ genes rearrange somewhat randomly, so no two pups will look completely the same.

Because of this, Maltipoos are often mistaken for other dog breeds, mostly one of their parent breeds.

They have an incredibly cute face with large, dark eyes that have a constant curious look to them. They also often look like they are smiling.

Maltipoos have a well-proportioned body, and despite being small and cute are quite muscular and athletic. Still, they can be prone to weight gain, which is something you should watch out for.

These pups are small, although their size can vary somewhat. There are breeders that also try to make an even smaller version called a Teacup Maltipoo. Keep in mind that the breeding process for pups this size is considered unethical by many.

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What colors does a Maltipoo come in?

As a mixed breed, Maltipoos don’t have a breed standard. Because of their parent breeds they can basically come in any color, although some are more common than others. Most of the time they will be a light color, and those that you will see often are:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Silver
  • Apricot
  • Blue
  • Brown

They can also be bicolor or tricolor, combining any of the colors above. Some will even have a marbled coat.

All about the Maltipoo personality

The personality of the Maltipoo is their main selling point. These dogs are gentle and affectionate, basically the perfect pets. They are constantly happy and adore having fun.

You can expect your Maltipoo to enjoy snuggling on the couch with you equally as running around playing fetch. They can spend the entire day in your lap and simply enjoy the quiet moments without making a sound.

They do have tons of energy, so if you give them a chance to use it they will gladly take you up on that offer. Breeders believe that the high energy part of their personality comes from the Poodle parent. On the other hand, the gentle, cuddly part is there thanks to the Maltese genes.

These pups are constantly alert so you can expect them to bark at just about anything that seems suspicious to them. Despite that, they will never be aggressive. If they are properly socialized while young, expect them to get along with everyone.

When it comes to other pets, there’s nothing to fear. They will get along with them as well, due to their complete lack of aggression. 

Maltipoos will also enjoy the company of children, but make sure to keep an eye on them if your child is still young. These dogs are small and can be quite fragile so your kid might injure them.

Is a Maltipoo easy to train?

As an extremely intelligent breed, it is to be expected that Maltipoos are easy to train. They are eager to please and docile by nature, so they won’t ever question your authority. They will accept your commands immediately and try their best to listen to you.

This means you can completely avoid any kind of strictness during training and be as gentle as possible. Maltipoos respond amazingly well to encouragement and kindness. Even if they misbehave you shouldn’t correct them harshly. Try to avoid raising your voice, as well.

With Maltipoos, make sure to teach them the “cease” and “speak” commands so they know when they can bark and when they should stop barking. These pups are yappy, so barking can become an issue, so it is better to prevent it early.

How much Grooming does a Maltipoo need?

Despite their low-shedding coats, Maltipoos are considered high-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. Expect to brush their fluffy coat each day so it remains healthy and clean. If you don’t do this daily, matting will develop which can cause pain to your pup.

Bathing should be done once each month, and you should trim their coat whenever you think it is too long. Always watch out for the area around the face and eyes.

Despite the fact that no dog is truly hypoallergenic, Maltipoos are small, they barely shed or drool so they won’t trigger allergies in the large majority of people. This is why Maltipoos are considered hypoallergenic!

Since these pups spend the majority of their time indoors, they won’t wear down their nails naturally. You should examine and trim them each month so they don’t grow too long. Also, make sure to brush the teeth of your Maltipoo a few times a week.

The Living Environment of the Maltipoo

These pups will start to think of themselves as members of your family quite quickly. What this means is that they will constantly want to spend time with you inside of your house, and might even ask for a designated spot on the couch just for them.

They love being inside more than they do playing around outdoors, so you won’t need a backyard for these pups. Even people living in small apartments can be perfect owners for a Maltipoo.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t need their daily exercise. They do have tons of energy and they will need to burn it. But don’t worry, anything between 15 to 30 minutes each day should be enough.

The Health of the Maltipoo

Maltipoos are mostly healthy pups, but some health issues are known to occur from time to time.

  • One condition they can be susceptible to is the Shaker Syndrome. This is a condition characterized by head and body tremors and is quite common in small dogs, especially those with white coats.
  • Luxating Patella is another condition to watch out for. It affects the knees of your pet and makes the kneecaps move out of their normal location. If you notice that your pet is running on three legs or there is a skip in its step, it might be a sign of this condition. 
  • Other common conditions include allergies, dental disease, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Where does the Maltipoo come from?

Since Maltipoos are a relatively recent crossbreed, their history is quite short. They appeared in the United States during the past 30 years when they were starting to be intentionally bred.

Their looks and personality made them one of the most popular designer dog breeds extremely swiftly.

The main appeal for the development of this mixed breed was the creation of dogs with a hypoallergenic coat. The combination of a Maltese and a Poodle seemed perfect for this, especially because the personalities of these breeds complemented each other.

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