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Baby and a large dog
11 best hypoallergenic cat breeds suitable for people with allergies

Being a cat lover and suffering from allergies can be extremely difficult. However, there is a solution! We’ve picked the 11 best hypoallergenic cat breeds that are considered hypoallergenic.

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AKC Dog Breed Groups
Dog Breed Groups Recognized by the American Kennel Club

Dog breeds belonging to the same dog group often share many of the same traits. These unique or specialized characteristics differentiate each breed, and can help to narrow your search for the dog breed best suited for you!

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Puppy feeding
The Benefits of Grain and Chicken Dog Food for Your Puppy

Learn about the benefits of feeding your dog with a clean and grain-free diet, and its positive impact on health and complete wellbeing.

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Puppy supplies
New Puppy? These are the Must-Have Dog Supplies...

Are you ready for a new puppy in your home? Now is the time to get the must-have supplies necessary for your new puppy.

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Pomeranian puppy
Consider These 11 Things Before You Bring a Dog Home

If you are thinking about getting a dog, you should do some research about the responsibility you are about to take. Since you are reading this article, it’s clear you are doing a great job.

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Dog walking
How often and how far should you walk your dog

Dog owners usually know how much their furry friends enjoy their time spent outside, but do you know how often should you walk your dog to potty? 

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Pet events
Pet Events... Fun you can share with your Pet!

There are many special events throughout the country that both you and your pet can attend. Most of them cater to dogs, but a few also cater to cats.

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Top 12 America’s Most Popular Cat Breeds for 2021

Discover the world of America's most popular feline companions. Do your tastes align with other cat lovers? Which cat breed is your favorite? Check out our list to find the most popular cats.

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Sphynx - hairless cats
7 Hairless Cat Breeds You Should Know About

Most cats have beautiful, soft, and furry coats, but a new trend has popped up in recent times. Known primarily for their unique look, hairless cats do make for wonderful pets.

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Poos and Doodles: 17 most popular Poodle mixes for 2021

With the popularity of adorable Poodles, it is only natural that breeders wanted to combine some of their most popular traits with those of other breeds. These Poodle mixes became incredibly popular, for several reasons.

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Cavapoo puppy
50+ dogs that don’t shed: the best hypoallergenic dogs by size

The list of dogs that are suitable for people with allergies (including mixed and purebreds). We have you covered on everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dogs!

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Top 20 America’s Most Popular Dogs for 2021

The nation's most beloved dogs in 2021. Read on to see our list and find out what the most popular dog breeds are. Hopefully, it helps you decide which one would be the perfect match for you!

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