Blue Bay Shepherd

Obedient and Affectionate Dog with a Gorgeous Appearance

Blue Bay Shepherd

By Shane Sykes - Last updated on July 17th, 2020

All you need to know about the Blue Bay Shepherd

Are you someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of pet ownership? If so, the Blue Bay Shepherd may be perfect for you. This is a totally new breed, with the first puppies just born in 2011, and their characteristics are still not entirely determined. Nonetheless, this appears to be a breed that will be the delight of any family or individual that wants a devoted pet with a truly gorgeous appearance.

The Appearance of the Blue Bay Shepherd

As you might expect, the Blue Bay Shepherd comes in one color – blue – but within that, a particular puppy's coat can be blue sable, solid blue, or blue and tan. Future puppies may also be blue platinum, blue fawn, or blue with white markings. Puppies are born with light blue eyes, which then change to light gold or gray-green in adulthood.

Although still in development, adults are likely to be similar to German shepherds in height, weight, and general line. They should weigh from 60 to 100 pounds in adulthood and stand 26 and 30 inches at the shoulder, with coats of varying lengths by choice. The coat can be long or short, but is very plush in texture.

All about the Blue Bay Shepherd personality

Spencer has carefully chosen desired characteristics in terms of personality, in that the Blue Bay Shepherd is eager to please, gentle and easy-going, but very intelligent, as well. Although Wolf Dogs were used in the original development of the breed, none will be added to the mix in the future. This should mean a stable temperament for future puppies.

If you choose to adopt a Bay Shepherd puppy, you can be sure that your little one will be very obedient, affectionate, and exceedingly loyal. So sensitive is the Blue Bay that it should also be a good match when there are other pets or children in the family. Still, with a predatory instinct in its background, it is always wise to closely supervise your pet until you know it will be safe around vulnerable members of the household.

Playful, high-energy, and not aggressive, your Blue Bay puppy will be a real joy to have around – as long as you can keep up with its level of energy!

How to care for a Blue Bay Shepherd?


Blue Bay Shepherds are healthy, hardy dogs with apparently few health problems. It's not yet known what their lifespans are, but German Shepherds live on average 10 to 13 years, while Wolf Dog hybrids also live on average 10 to 14 years. Therefore, you can expect your pet to have a long and healthy life.

As with other large dogs breeds, bloat may be a risk. Bloat is an exceedingly dangerous condition where the stomach "twists" on itself, causing obstruction and quick death. If your pet appears to be in distress, trying unsuccessfully to vomit, get to a vet immediately. The generally prescribed treatment for this is surgery. Even though bloat can sometimes be resolved without surgery, it's much more likely to happen again if it has occurred once. Surgery resolves bloat permanently, without further worry. In addition, of course, regular veterinary visits are necessary for good health throughout your pet's life.


Blue Bay Shepherds are probably heavy shedders, since German Shepherds are, too. Brush several times a week and only pamper if necessary. Check ears for signs of irritation or infection weekly, and brush teeth once per week with doggie (not human) toothpaste to prevent tartar buildup.

The Living Environment of the Blue Bay Shepherd

One owner has called her dog an "escape artist," in that special measures to contain this type of dog may be required. Because the German Shepherd is a highly energetic dog that needs lots of exercise, so, too, is the Blue Bay Shepherd. Don't leave this smart dog alone for long periods of time, since many dogs of this ilk can become destructive simply because of loneliness or boredom.

The History of the Blue Bay Shepherd

The breed is actually still in development. It got its start in Palm Bay, Florida, and has the Blue German Shepherd Dog as one of its ancestors – hence the name, Blue Bay Shepherd. Breed founder, Vickie Spencer, has been working on this breed for over 20 years, with the first litters just born as of 2011. Foundation breeds have included European German Shepherds from France, Germany and Holland. What Spencer sought to produce was a dog with the personality traits of the German Shepherd – loyal, willing to please, exceedingly trainable and intelligent – and the robust health, wild beauty, and sweet nature of the Wolf that the German Shepherd carries within its ancestry. Most problematic was the need to avoid the willful nature that some Wolf Hybrid Dogs and some German Shepherds possess, as well as the timid and shy personality a German Shepherd with strong Wolf tendencies or a Wolf Hybrid can show, in that they can be instinctively afraid of humans.

In addition, the unique appearance of the Blue German Shepherd is a definite bonus because these blue dogs most often have light eyes, which is a desirable trait. For a while, Spencer focused on breeding blue Wolftype dogs when Blue German Shepherds proved hard to find. That search ended when she got an email from a breeder in France who bred Altdeustsche Schaferhunds, or Old German Shepherd Dogs, which resulted in blue puppies.

About Old German Shepherd Dogs – Foundation Dogs for the Blue Bay Breed

Old German Shepherd dogs are traditional working or herding dogs from Germany. It is from this breed that the modern German Shepherd dog was developed and ultimately standardized. Today's modern old German Shepherd dog has its roots in ancestry that predates the establishment of the current standard German Shepherd dog. The old German Shepherd dog's standard requires it to be capable of herding livestock, and the German Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds has warned as of 2008 that the breed is extremely at risk of extinction. It is bred solely as a working dog, and appearance is not standardized, but the blue German Shepherd dogs were specifically chosen by Spencer in her breeding efforts to produce the Blue Bay Shepherd. The first puppies were born from three pairs of foundation dogs that possessed the correct characteristics in terms of appearance, personality and temperament, and the perfect mix of German Shepherd/Wolf characteristics desired.

About the "Wolf" Ancestry

Blue Bay puppies have no risk of being stigmatized as "Wolf Dogs," since parentage is based on one parent being a full German Shepherd, and the other parent being five generations removed from pure Wolf ancestry. The first Blue Bays are F-6.

Questions people often ask about Blue Bay Shepherds...

  • +Is the Blue Bay Shepherd good with children?

Blue Bay Shepherd: A Stunning New Breed with the Intelligence of a German Shepherd, the Sweetness of a Collie and the Look of a Wolf

Among the worldwide community of pet enthusiasts, there are probably many who contend that any breeding efforts are questionable in this day and age of countless rescue animals in need of good homes. Others may scoff at the idea of tampering with the indomitable spirit of a pure German Shepherd with its age-old characteristics and unique personality. What all may agree upon, though, is that the developer of the Blue Bay Shepherd has introduced a dog spectacular in its appearance while possessing the gentle nature of some of the world’s most affectionate breeds. With some 20 years in dedication and a lifetime of experience, Blue Bay Shepherd founder Vicki Spencer of Southern Breeze Kennel in Palm Bay, Florida has produced an impressive number of these dogs to date which reside all over the world with families who couldn’t be happier with their dazzling appeal and engaging temperament.

With its lineage rooted in several select European breeds, one of which was the Blue German Shepherd, a dog with its own wolf ancestry, the Blue Bay Shepherd has only one parent with wolf heritage 5 generations removed, making these first dogs F6. The next step is to breed Blue Bay Shepherd with Blue Bay Shepherd, further domesticating the breed. Admittedly a work in progress, the Blue Bay Shepherd is a very beautiful animal imbued with a canine charisma and alluring charm it exudes liberally despite its imposing presence. As smart as it is magnificent, this breed responds quickly to training with the excellence typical of a German Shepherd and not surprisingly requires a daily physical and intellectual challenge to satisfy its strong desire for accomplishment and approval.

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