Slovensky Cuvac

With Lots of Energy and An Instinct To Protect, The Slovensky Cuvac Must be Trained To Satisfy Your Expectations

The Slovensky Cuvac can be an imposing foe if he or she faces someone weak or someone who is a stranger to his or her family. With the breed dating back earlier than the 17th century and a descendant of Arctic wolves, this protective dog was once nearly extinct but was saved by one Dr. Antonin Hruza after World War II.

As a family companion, its main purpose in life is to protect property and family, and these dogs' intelligence and clever nature make them perfect for this job. That said, they need a dominant owner who knows how to take charge. If you do not, this is not the dog to have, since the Slovensky Cuvac will most definitely take over in the absence of a human leader. Your pet is very independent but will be very obedient if you train him or her from puppyhood with gentle, firm, consistent discipline. In the absence of such effective training, you may find yourself with a very large and very unhappy problem on your hands. Slovensky Cuvacs can be very willful and difficult to control if they're not given proper discipline. Once taught the proper ground rules, though, you'll find no more devoted, calm, and happy a pet with the added competence to successfully guard both children and livestock.


Originally used in Slovakia as a livestock guard dog, the Slovensky Cuvac dates from the 17th century, when shepherds in the mountains of Tatra relied on the dogs to round up and control stock, including sheep and chickens, bringing them to and from pasture. Alternately known as the Slovakian Chuvach, its name emerged from the Slovakian word “chuvatch,” which means “to hear,” celebrating the dog’s excellent sense of vigilance and auditory awareness.

The breed was nearly extinct after World War II, but was saved and ultimately redeveloped by Professor Antonin Hruza of the Brno School of Veterinary Medicine. He resurrected and ultimately restored the breed, with the standard adopted in 1964. The Slovensky Cuvac looks very similar to other breeds like the Pyrenees Mountain Dog. Today, the dog is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic, and in Slovakia as a pet. It was added to the American Kennel Club's Foundation Stock Service Program in February 2009.


Imposing and sturdy, the Slovensky Cuvac gives off an air of quiet, calm power. The powerful neck and head, broad chest, and muscular thighs lend an air of invincibility, as does the thick white coat. Both the topcoat and undercoat are very dense, to protect against harsh conditions. The dog’s eyes are oval-shaped, and with proper socialization, will display a lively, alert, loving expression around family, but will be somewhat guarded and leery around strangers. The long, densely furred tail hangs down when your pet is at rest, and the coat is always completely white. Hair can grow to as much as four inches long and will shed very profusely seasonally. In adulthood, your pet will stand 26 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 66 to 99 pounds.


Sturdy, hardy, and poised, your pet's temperament matches his or her physique – sturdy and calm, but lively, friendly, watchful and alert around family. The Slovensky Cuvac is an excellent family pet with great devotion to those he or she loves. That said, this breed needs a very strong owner should you choose to adopt a puppy, because these dogs are also willful and very determined. If you don't take an aggressive role as “alpha dog,” (or “leader of the pack”), your pet most certainly will – and that can mean very difficult circumstances indeed.

Properly socialized, though, this gentle and massive furry friend is tender and watchful of the smallest of children, with no danger, provided he or she is properly trained. Your pet is a dog that wants to work and needs to be very active, so it's best if you live on a ranch or other large homestead or farm, where your pet can actually herd livestock and, yes, keep a watchful eye on children. Naturally protective, your pet makes an excellent guard dog and will defend with his or her life if necessary and without any hesitation whatsoever.

Proper Environment Slovensky Cuvacs do not do well in any a sort of situation where they're going to be kept indoors for long periods of time, and they must be around their families at all times. They also need to be active and serving a purpose. Apartment living is especially difficult for them, in that they need to be working, guarding, herding, etc., all the time. If you choose to adopt one of these beloved dogs as a pet, make sure you live in an environment that will suit your pet. That is to say, you shouldn't adopt one if you don't live on a farm, ranch, or other suitably large property where you can actually put your pet to work. At the very least, you should give your pet vigorous exercise every day and have a large yard that he or she can run around and play in.

If unchallenged physically and mentally, the Slovensky Cuvac can be a very unhappy dog and quite difficult to handle, since this breed is naturally assertive as well as very athletic and energetic. In the proper environment and properly socialized, though, your pet is happy and devoted to you – just as much as any other breed may be. It's also simply true, however, that it also won't put up with an unsuitable environment or be the sort of "long-suffering" companion another breed might be.


This breed is quite healthy and will live an average of 11 to 13 years.


Always white, the Slovensky Cuvac has shaggy, thick fur with both a thick heavy overcoat and undercoat. Your pet needs brushing on a daily basis, especially when he or she is shedding heavily, which will happen seasonally. Bathing at least occasionally is necessary, although your pet's coat is quite efficient at "self-cleaning," in that your pet will maintain his or her beautiful appearance without much effort as long as you provide proper attention to grooming.


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