White German Shepherd

An Elegant, Beautiful Species both in Stance and in Motion

White German Shepherd

By Shane Sykes - Last updated on July 17th, 2021

All you need to know about the White German Shepherd

Hardworking, loyal friends, but this time with a white coat!

White German Shepherds are rare dogs similar to traditional German Shepherds in all but one aspect - their color. These dogs have a gorgeous, pure white coat that will surely turn heads everywhere!

The white coat of these dogs comes from a recessive gene. This gene was placed in the gene pool during a breeding program in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The goal was to expand the breed of German Shepherd.

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the White German Shepherd as a separate breed, but some do. There is actually a breed standard made by the United Kennel Club.

These pups are loyal, brave, and highly trainable. They will become loyal friends to you and make wonderful pets for just about anyone!

Trying to spice up your life with a unique version of a beloved breed such as the German Shepherd? Read on to see what makes these white pups special.

Fast Facts

Group - Herding 

Height - 24-26 Inches (male) 22-24 Inches (female) 

Weight - 77-85 Pounds 

Hair Length - Medium

Shedding - Medium Level

Lifespan - 12-14 Years

The Appearance of the White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds are direct descendants of traditional German Shepherds. They were just specifically bred to achieve this unique color. They have all the other traits as their parent breed, such as the high intelligence and working dog attitude.

They look gorgeous and elegant and carry themselves with pride and dignity. The white coat makes the strikingly beautiful German Shepherds even more gorgeous! 

Their build is muscular and athletic, just like with regular German Shepherds. They have erect ears, long muzzles, and smart, piercing eyes.

They are large-sized dogs that are active and curious. White GSD has a slightly longer coat than regular German Shepherd, making them look even more aristocratic and elegant.

Well, that was kind of simple. These pups’ look is definitely striking, but they only come in one color, so there is no need to talk about the coat. Let’s move on to their personality.

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All about the White German Shepherd personality

Of course, the temperament of these gorgeous pups is similar to the regular German Shepherd. They are brave, intelligent, constantly alert, and fearless. GSD are working dogs, so that White GSD can be described as skillful. These dogs have an aura of confidence about them.

They love to work and will take any chance they can get to do so. This is why these dogs are often employed as police or guard dogs. The military often uses them as helpers as well.

White German Shepherds love discipline and structure. If you are capable of providing them with calm commands but still retain your authority, you will make the perfect owner for these pups. 

You will need to show them who the leader is. They are loyal and obedient dogs, without a doubt, but they sometimes need to be reminded that you are in charge and lead the pack. You do not want your German Shepherd to sense that you are weaker than him. It may try to take over the leader position if that happens!

You should always socialize your dog properly from an early age. German Shepherds that aren’t trained or socialized well can become aggressive, or in some cases, extremely timid and fearful. Still, even in that case, they can become dangerous, so it is best to work on socialization early.

While they make excellent service dogs and guard dogs, German Shepherds also make amazing pets. They do well with large families, even those with children. They will take on the role of the protector and will become obedient companions to your family members.

These dogs are not easily distracted and they rarely bark. They will only do so if they sense that someone is in danger.

Is a White German Shepherd easy to train?

We already mentioned that German Shepherds are often employed as guard dogs or service dogs. Knowing that you will probably conclude that they are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train. And you will be absolutely right!

These pups love good organization, so you need to make a good training regimen, and you will be set. They love reward-based reinforcement, so definitely use that during your training time.

White German Shepherds learn quickly, and they will master any task you can think of without a problem. Not only that, but they are also obedient, so training with them won’t cause any frustration.

Make sure you are consistent with your training, and that is the most important thing. Once they create a habit, your dogs will love training with you and will listen to just about every single command you make.

It seems that working with these dogs is quite easy, they have a great personality. However, there are other commitments one must have when owning a pet. What about grooming?

How much Grooming does a White German Shepherd need?

Just like regular German Shepherds, the white version is quite easy to maintain. They do have a longer coat, so brushing should be done more thoroughly and more often. Other than that, you won’t need to worry about much.

Shedding can become an issue, though, because these pups do it constantly. They will also shed in extremely large quantities twice a year, so watch out for those periods. Brush them more often then!

White German Shepherds are not hypoallergenic. They shed profusely, and you should avoid this breed if you suffer from allergies.

These dogs are clean and don’t need to be bathed often. Do it when you think it is necessary, or if they get especially dirty somewhere. It can happen, due to their white coat!

Trim the nails of your White German Shepherd every month. Also, don’t forget to check its ears and clean them regularly. These dogs will clean their teeth by themselves by chewing. Still, an occasional brush with a doggy toothpaste can’t hurt.

Grooming seems like a breeze, if not for the shedding. Moving on, let’s discuss the living environment and health of these dogs.

The Living Environment of the White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds can live basically anywhere if they can get enough exercise. Don’t worry if you’re living in an apartment, these dogs will do just fine there. Just make sure to give them plenty of exercise every single day.

These pups hate sitting around doing nothing and they must use up their energy. This is the key to keeping them happy and satisfied. They are incredibly smart, so they constantly look for new challenges.

White German Shepherds are the happiest when given a task they need to accomplish. They need to be stimulated both physically and mentally, so try to teach them something new often. If you don’t provide them with this they can become destructive.

The Health and Nutrition of the White German Shepherd

White German Shepherds are quite healthy for a breed of this size and have a lifespan of about 12 years on average. Some lines of this breed can be prone to certain autoimmune diseases such as lupus and congenital spine disease. Make sure to visit the vet often and check your dog’s condition.

These pups are sturdy, working dogs so it is hard to notice when they have health issues. You might not be able to notice it until your pet is really sick. This is why regular checkups are important.

Some other conditions that can appear are hip and elbow dysplasia, which is quite common in dogs of this size. Abdominal bloating can also become a problem, also quite common with larger dogs.

Where does the White German Shepherd come from?

The origins of the White German Shepherd correlate with the origins of the regular one. Max Von Stephanitz was the first one who developed the breed ( with the help of a team of breeders) while searching for the perfect German herder.

He actually fell in love with the breed when he witnessed a German Shepherd at a dog show. He adopted one and created the Society for the German Shepherd Dog to develop the breed further.

During this breeding process, the recessive gene was placed in the gene pool, and we ended up getting the gorgeous White German Shepherd as a result. The breeders wanted to expand the number of German Shepherds and also produce white-coated dogs.

The breed is not recognized by the AKC as a separate one, although some clubs do recognize it.

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