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If your Native American Shepherd Puppy is Friendly, Outgoing, Confident and Relaxed, it will be a Good Choice for a Family Pet

Courtesy of Majestic View Native American ShepherdsThe Native American Shepherd is a cross between the Belgian Shepherd and the Native American Indian Dog. The Native American Shepherd is not a purebred dog and instead is a "designer dog" of the parent breeds. Although designer dog breeds can sometimes inherit less desirable traits of parent breeds, the more Native American Indian Dog content in them the more mentally intelligent, emotionally stable and versatile the Native American Shepherd is, as well are being healthier with less genetic faults and weaknesses often present with pure bred dog breeds.  Because of this, it's much more likely that you'll get a Native American Shepherd puppy with desirable characteristics as long as you get him or her from a reputable breeder.Native American Shepherd’s History

The Native American Shepherd is a breed all its own, a designer dog mix consisting of the Native American Indian Dog and the Belgian Shepherd/ Belgian Sheepdog. The Native American Indian Dog is presumed to be among the oldest breeds in the world, and has been present in what's now the United States for millennia. Originally wild, Native American Indian Dogs were slowly domesticated and became working animals, pets, and companions to Native Americans in North America.

Prior to the 1500s, the Native American Indian Dog was an essential aspect to all Native American villagers and still in the early 1900's some Native American peoples still utilized their dogs instead of the "white man's" horse, which was introduced into the Americans in the mid-1500's..   The Native American Indian Dog’s patience, obedience, willingness to work and strength made it the ideal companion and working dog for the Native Americans. Ultimately, the breed was resurrected and redeveloped in the United States in the 1990s by Karen Markel of Majestic View Kennels. She has subsequently trademarked the breed with the United States government and it is now recognized as a registered breed by several professional organizations.

The Belgian Shepherd began its modern incarnation in the late 1800s, when one Professor A. Reul began to build a foundation stock for the breed's creation. Breeding began in earnest in the 1890s, when the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club was formed in Germany, and in Brussels Belgium . The first standard was written in 1882, and the breed was officially recognized in 1901. Improvements continued on the breed and the next standard was established in 1910. Although coat types and color continue to be debated, temperament, working ability, and bodily structure are fully established.


The Native American Shepherd can have varying coat lengths. Your pet may have the long soft, silky hair coat of the Belgian Shepherd, or the courser, denser, double hair coat of the Native American Indian Dog. The Native American Shepherd  also varies in size, just like the Native American Indian Dog which comes in 3 general different weights and 3 different hair coat lengths, just like the pure bred Native American Indian Dog. All Native American Shepherds can come in all the colors and coat patterns that is common with the purebred Native American Indian Dog.


The Native American Shepherd is highly intelligent, easily trained, and are most known for their "psychic " abilities. Their "creator" Karen Markel of Majestic View Kennels, adheres to the fact that the Native American Shepherd is the best of all the NAID "designer dog" mixes.   She has developed and perfected other also hypoallergenic "designer dog" breeds such as the The Siberian Indian Dog (Siberian Husky X NAID), the Sibercaan(R) (Canaan Dog X NAID), the Golden Indian Dog, (Golden Retriever X NAID), the Shalom Shepherd (German Shepherd dog X NAID), and the St. John's Indian Dog (Newfoundland X NAID mixed).

The Native American Shepherd possesses the uncanny ability to detect, an upcoming heart attack, stroke, seizure, blood sugar imbalance, cancer, cysts, tumors, infection, frostbite, pain in a joint, a migraine, countless human health disorders.   They are also excellent search-and-rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and agility dogs.  Because they possess the webbed-feet, they are tremendous high speed runners with an endless supply of endurance.

Above all, the Native American Shepherd (NAS) makes the perfect all around canine companion.


Although some breeders have tried to "breed out" the more undesirable characteristics of both the Belgian Shepherd and the Native American Indian Dog, many also often consider that the hardiest dogs and those with the best characteristics will be so-called "first-generation" hybrids, meaning that the parents are one of each type of breed rather than second-generation crossbreeds. Therefore, when you visit a breeder, rescue shelter, or other organization to get your puppy, pay careful attention to your potential Native American Shepherd puppy’s personality as you interact. If your Native American Shepherd puppy is friendly, outgoing, not fearful, and not aggressive, he or she will generally be a good choice for your family.

Proper Environment

As with its parent breeds, the Native American Shepherd is a dog that needs to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. Both parent breeds are naturally athletic, very strong and hardy dogs that are suited to hard work. Therefore, it's best that you only get a Native American Shepherd if you and/or your family are very athletic and spend a lot of time outdoors. This is not a dog that tolerates extended confinement.

That said, this dog can make a very good therapy dog and companion dog for the disabled. As long as your pet gets enough exercise, he or she will be obedient and suited to just about any environment. Your pet is not prone to excessive barking, and will only bark slightly if he or she thinks there's something you should notice, such as a stranger approaching or someone lurking about your home. This dog makes an excellent guard dog and will be very protective.


Because it's a "designer dog" or "mixed breed", the Native American Shepherd is exceedingly healthy, in general, living on average 14 years or even longer. Regular veterinary visits and proper shots, including rabies and distemper, are necessary, but this is a very robust dog with no reported severe health problems.


Although coat type is somewhat of a gamble depending on the parental characteristics your pet inherits, he or she should be a non-shedder , except for the spring early summer. Your pet is considered hypoallergenic, meaning that you may be able to have a Native American Shepherd as a pet even if other breeds are not suitable. There is no "doggie" odor with the Native American Shepherd, and bathing should only rarely be a necessity.

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