Designer Dog Breeds


List of designer dog breeds

From the Labradoodle onwards, the number, variety and popularity of designer dogs has boomed in recent decades. Here you will find the Pets4You directory of over 40 of the finest designer mixed breed dogs. Including toy sized, small sized and big hybrid breeds… We certainly don’t claim to have every mixed breed you may have heard of; there is an amazing number of them, and growing by the day! But we certainly do claim to have the most popular crosses, all waiting for you to find them.

Designer Dog Breeds

Click on the picture to learn more about your favorite breed or find a responsible breeder by clicking on one of the links below.

All dog breeds

Here you can find our list of over 300 different dog breeds. Discover amazing mixed and purebred dogs of all kinds, and in all shapes and sizes!

View all dog breeds
All dog breeds

Purebred dog breeds

The Pets4You directory of over 250 purebred dog breeds, from Chihuahuas to Caucasian Shepherds. You can't fail to find the right purebred for you.

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Purebred dog breeds

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