Shalom Shepherd

Find Shalom Shepherd Puppies For Sale on The Shalom Shepherd is a delightful designer dog mix consisting of the Native American Indian Dog(R) and the German Shepherd Dog. They are hypoallergenic as is the NAID, shed once annually, come in a variety of coat colors and different hair coat lengths.   They make good guard and protection dogs, but are way more inclined to lick an intruder to death, than to ever bite one. The NAID genes override this GSD trait. They also have no known genetic GSD defects, which thankfully the NAID gene pool overrides this genetic defect as well. The Shalom Shepherd is highly intelligent and very trainable and stay at your side off leash. They have a very relaxed, carefree, pleasant attitude and demeanor and are not known to be aggressive, even they they may appear to look like a German Shepherd dog. Contact the dog breeders below for Shalom Shepherd Puppies For Sale.

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