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    Kittens Available Now! The Highland Lynx is a fairly new cat breed. Also known as the Highland Lynx bobtail and the Highlander, the Highland lynx was developed by crossing jungle curls with desert lynx cats. Considered an exotic breed, the Highland Lynx is recognized by the Rare and Exotic Breed Registry. The International Cat Association recognizes Highlanders as an advanced new breed. While they can be quite inquisitive, Highland lynx cats are also very intelligent and easy to train. Designer Cat Kittens For Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona United States

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    Kittens For Sale!
    PUMA Kittens Available! Rare new hybrid breed of household sized mountain lion looking felines. Exceptionally intelligent, extremely athletic, eye to eye contact. talk to you, clean, affectionate , jealous, sense of humor and more. Elegant in appearance, unlike any other breed. loving family and breeder homes wanted. Kittens have current inoculations, Total health guarantee, Reduced price for neutering. Please check out web site. I've spent 14 years developing this breed, Experimental breed in TICA. Serious inquires welcome. Central Florida area (Tampa) Designer Cat Kittens For Sale in Plant City, Florida United States

    Date Available: 12/12/2014

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    There are a several color variations, mountain gold, cinnamon, rusty , bunny ticked, phantom blue. dusty mist, etc. Many have the Bengal glitter, the coats are soft and shiny, winter coats could be double. I am so pleased with the breeding outcome of these felines, and the reports of satisfaction from buyers I fell confident to guarantee not only the health and genetic soundness but also temperament

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Designer Cat Kittens For Sale

Cat Mix kittens …what a joy!  Every color in the rainbow, every eye color imaginable, tall, short, skinny, plump, busy or laid-back, tabby or black or striped or calico—every cat that does not fit into a proper purebred category can be lumped into the “cat mix” category—and what a delight they are!

Think of the long-running Broadway musical called “Cats,” by Andrew Lloyd Weber; “Jelico cats” they called themselves, and they experienced every emotion possible in the full range.  Joy and sorrow, expectation and disappointment, enthusiasm and boredom, the pleasures of life and the pathos of death.  Cat Mixes— yay!

I have two cat mixes myself.  Officially they are Bengal cats, but somehow, a little long-haired genetic material snuck in there at some point, so I have long-haired Bengals, which are definitely not up to show caliber, but are up to every kind of mischief imaginable!  They are a joy, a terror, two big bundles of enthusiastic chaotic cat behavior.  They act like dogs in cats’ bodies, and then they act like cats in cats’ bodies.  They are the light of my life!

Some cat mixes are the result of intentional crossbreeding that went a little “off” somehow, resulting in a perfectly healthy happy cat that just somehow doesn’t “cut the mustard,” and wound up being deemed as pet rather than show quality.  Others represent a blending of cat ancestry that may go back many centuries, to some of the original cats depicted in ancient Egyptian art—and everything in between.  Whatever your cat color preference, you are likely to be able to find a cat that fits the bill—or to fall in love with a tiny kitten that bears no resemblance at all to your preconceived pictures.  Kittens have a way of worming themselves and their mischievous charming behaviors right into your heart and soul, in spite of your original intentions.

A box of kittens being offered for adoption in front of your local post office is a box of squirming, mewing, smiling, needy little bundles of joy.  Some may seem a bit shy, and some may be aggressive, but all will be appealing.  Generally by the end of a day of “hawking” kittens in a place where people can actually see and play with them, there are no adoptable kittens left.  That’s just the way it is with kittens !

Please remember, though, when you select one of these cute fluffy little “toys,” that you will, in reality, be committing yourself to fifteen to twenty-some years of cat ownership.  Inevitably, all kittens grow up to be full-grown cats, with very distinctive personalities.  The wallflowers in the bunch may end up being household tyrants, and the more aggressive kittens may “lay back” when you get them home, and turn into couch potatoes.  All cats have the ability to develop some traits that may be annoying, and all of them will need a lifetime of love.

So do realize what you are getting into.  Cats need to be neutered, to prevent more and more unwanted kittens from entering our harsh world.  Kitten shots are delivered in series, and the whole series must be completed to ensure that your new kitty remains as healthy as he or she can possibly be.  Some municipalities require that cats be registered; do not fail to do this, as an unregistered cat may end up in a miserable state of quarantine.  Cats get into scrapes (and illnesses) of all kinds, and may often require professional care.  Be prepared to have dead mice delivered to your feet, helping hands when you try to type on your keyboard, and help with dinner preparation too.

But most of all, prepare to both receive and deliver a generous helping of love.  Cats need attention; in fact, it is cruel to some breeds and breed-mixes to deprive them of companionship if you work full-time, so maybe you should look at two of those fluffy little balls of fur, not just one.  True—double the trouble—but also double the fun, and your cat will be much happier with a pal in the house to romp and play with.

Cat mixes are available everywhere: at animal shelters, through ads in the paper or bulletin boards, sometimes at your local P.O. or convenience store, sometimes by word of mouth…and sometimes, the perfect cat will simply show up on your doorstep with a knapsack on his or her shoulder, all prepared to just move on in.  Consider yourself lucky if this happens, because it means that this cat has chosen you , above all others.

Care for your cat mix kitties with love and devotion, and it will be returned to you a thousandfold.  Most of all, have fun!