An Exotic Domestic Cat that Looks Like a Cougar


Antonia Cirjak - Last Updated on December 18th, 2021

Things you Should Know about the Chausie

When you cross the Abyssinian and wild jungle cat breeds, you get the Chausie. It is an outgoing and energetic cat breed that acquired some distinctive traits from its parents. Chausies are one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

Since they have wild cat roots, Chausies will need a lot of space and will demand that you play with them quite often. They don’t like being alone, especially not for a prolonged time. Since they have wild cat roots, they are not the best pets for small children.

Appearance Matters. What does a Chausie look like?

The body of a Chausie is built for jumping and running. They have long legs and are quite tall and graceful. Their bodies are often compared to those of Olympic athletes. They have an ectomorphic body type, which provides them with a specific limberness. They move with balance and grace.

The Chausie size is usually medium to large, and they have a deep chest, which allows them to breathe deeply. This means they will have a lot of energy. Their ears are large and upright, and they have long sloping foreheads. The tail of a Chausie is shortened, and their eyes are round at the bottom and flat on the top.

Their cheeks have an exotic shape, which gives them a dignified look. It fits their temperament, which is domestic. These cats are loyal, intelligent, and highly trainable. They will require constant stimulation, so be ready to spend some time with them.

What colors do the Chausie cats come in?

According to the breed standard, Chausies come in three color patterns:

  • Black
  • Black grizzled ticked tabby :
  • Brown ticked tabby

You can spot barring on the inside of the front legs of the brown-ticked tabby. The grizzled tabby pattern is inherited from one of the breed’s ancestors, the Jungle Cat.

The coat is similar to that of a mouse in that the coloration is lighter on the skin. It has a black base coat and alternating light bands that have black tips.

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It's all Personal. The Chausie Temperament

Chausies are similar to most other hybrid cat breeds, meaning they have a lot of energy. Chausie kittens will need a lot of cat trees, scratching posts, and toys that will keep them entertained. 

Chausie domestic cats still retain some of their wild tendencies. This makes them not the best pet for households with small children and a lot of delicate objects. However, if you have other pets, they will get along with them well.

The Chausie cat personality is highly social, outgoing, and loving. They are intelligent cats that know how to look for the attention of their owners. They will enjoy interacting with their owners, and they dislike being left alone. Keep that in mind if you ever need to leave the house for a more extended period.

Caring for your Chausie

Chausies are extremely low maintenance cats, so grooming won’t take much of your time. Their coat will require brushing once a week, just to prevent the forming of hairballs or mats. Chausies don’t shed a lot, so not much grooming from humans is required.

They will also adapt to any climate, which makes them a great pet no matter where you live. You should just make sure to always provide them with enough fresh water and some shade. Chausies are not hypoallergenic cats.

The Health and Happiness of your Chausie

In general, Chausies are healthy cats. Their average lifespan is around 15 years, and you shouldn’t expect major problems with their health. 

Still, regular visits to the vet are always recommended. This is because these cats may very rarely become prone to some conditions, often causing problems to the Abyssinian breed.

These issues include intestinal problems and obesity. Try to pay attention to your cat and schedule regular wellness visits.

How Expensive is a Chausie?

This outgoing crossbreed is a bit on the large side, so you probably have a lot of space if you’re interested in one. However, you should expect to pay a decently high price for a Chausie as well.

The price of a Chausie kitten for sale will normally range between $1,000 and $3,000. Yes, the price range is that big. This has a lot to do with the rarity of these cats.

They are not easy to find, and getting a reputable breeder can be even harder. They are much more common in the UK than in the US.

Feline History. Where does the Chausie come from?

The history of the Chausie dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. These cats were adored because of their hunting ability and laid-back demeanor.

The Chausie’s name comes from the Latin expression “Felis chaus”, meaning “jungle cat.” Back then, they resided in the area stretching from the Nile Valley to the Caspian Sea.

They were so highly regarded that ancient Egyptians used to mummify them and bury them with their owners. This was done so that they can continue being companions in the afterlife.

The first Chausie hybrids started to appear in North America and Southeast Asia. This was when Chausies started mating with domestic cats. This started occurring centuries ago, but the first recorded hybrid was in 1990.

Following that, breeders started developing the Chausie further, and it is now one of the largest domestic cat breeds. It was registered with the International Cat Association in 1995 and fully accepted in 2013.

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