A Hybrid that Looks Wild But Acts Tame


Antonia Cirjak - Last Updated on December 18th, 2021

Things you Should Know about the Serengeti 

The Serengeti is an attractive, long-legged cat, usually medium-sized. These cats are known for being skilled hunters, similarly to the Bengal

They also enjoy exploring the outdoors tremendously. However, if you have one as your pet, you should only allow it to roam if it is safe outside.

These cats are a relatively new breed. They were first developed in the United States in the mid-nineties. As soon as they appeared on the scene, they were met with adoration and found fan bases all over the world.  

They have a kind and loyal nature combined with wild looks, so their popularity comes as no surprise.


Appearance Matters. What does a Serengeti look like?

The Serengeti is a medium boned cat known for its extraordinary jumping ability. These cats can jump up to 7 feet into the air and are capable of doing so, thanks to their long legs. They have the longest legs out of any other domesticated cat breed.

Their other noticeable features include large ears that make their heads seem extremely small. Their ears are rounded at the tips and sit upright on their heads. This makes these cats seem like they are always on high alert.

Their coat has a bold spotted pattern, which makes the Serengeti look even more wild and exotic. The shafts of their fur are translucent, so they can sometimes look like they are shimmering when viewed from a distance.

They also have gorgeous round eyes, usually amber or gold in color.

What colors do the Serengeti cats come in?

The coat of Serengeti cats has a silky texture. It is short and tight and usually golden or yellow. It also has a pattern with widely spaced black spots, resembling those of a leopard.

Although this is the usual color of the Serengeti cat, you can also find them in:

  • solid black
  • gray with black spots
  • or even white silver with black spots.

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It's all Personal. The Serengeti Temperament

Serengeti cats are great family pets since they get along well with everyone. They are self-assured and friendly and can interact with humans of all ages. These cats also get along with other cats and dogs.

At first, they might seem a little shy. This is normal, and it happens when you introduce them to new people and a new environment. Once they get used to you, however, you won't be able to get rid of them.

These cats have high energy levels and are incredibly agile. You might catch them jumping onto the highest places in your house or running from one room to the next at breakneck speeds.

They are also quite vocal, which is another end.


Caring for your Serengeti 

According to the breed standard, the coats of Serengeti cats are short, dense, and close-lying, which means they are generally low maintenance when it comes to grooming. You should brush and wipe them once a week with chamois leather, and that is all they need.

They do shed during the spring and autumn, meaning you will need to brush them more frequently then.

You should remember to check their ears regularly and clean them if you think it’s necessary. If there is a lot of wax in the ears. This infection can be painful and hard to clear up. This is why it is best to check the ears often, to prevent this from happening.

Also, cats often suffer from ear mites, which is why you should check their ears weekly if possible.

Are Serengeti cats hypoallergenic?

Since these cats do shed quite a bit during shedding season, they are not hypoallergenic.

The Health and Happiness of your Serengeti 

On average, the lifespan of a Serengeti cat is between 8 and 12 years.

They are generally considered to be a healthy breed, and so far, it seems that they don’t suffer from any hereditary disorders like other cat breeds. Still, we should mention that this breed is still in its infancy, so some health issues might still appear.

However, if the breeding of Serengeti cats continues to be careful and selective, they should remain healthy. One condition you should test your cat for is gangliosidosis. 

It is an inherited inborn error of lipid metabolism. Cats with this condition lack an enzyme that metabolizes certain fats. This makes them accumulate within the cells in the body, which prevents cells from functioning normally. 

Where Can I Find Reputable Serengeti Breeders?

This is a new breed that was developed in the nineties so it can be hard to find breeders. You definitely want to get these rare breeds from good breeders, so patience is key.

Check out our list of Serengeti breeders which gets updated frequently. Whenever there is a reputable breeder we will name them, and help you find the pet that you want and deserve.


Feline History. Where does the Serengeti come from?

Serengeti cats were first found by a professional conservation biologist called Karen Sausman. She owns a cattery in California, and she wanted to create a cat breed modeled after the Serval. She started working on this new breed in the mid-nineties.

The Serengeti does not have any Serval blood. However, it was created by crossing a Bengal with an Oriental cat. Since it was first bred quite recently, the breeding program is still being developed fully. However, Serengeti cats can be found in Australia and Europe.

The Bengals used to breed Serengeti cats are many generations removed from their leopard cousins from the wilderness. This is done to prevent the Serengeti from having any wild cat blood. Currently, the breed is recognized as a preliminary cat breed by the International cat Association.

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