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What you Need to Know about the Javanese

The Javanese cat was developed by crossing several breeds in the Oriental family. These included the Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair, and the Siamese.

Also, know as the Javi, this cat is considered to be almost identical to the Siamese. The exceptions to this being its color-pointed, longhaired coat and an exquisite plumed tail. 

The Javi is loving, very intelligent, and noticeably vocal.  

They really are people loving cats and can be particularly fond of children. Other pets and even dogs can expect a good relationship with the Javanese. All they have to do is respect the cat's authority.

Javanese cat

Appearance Matters. What does a Javanese look like?

The Javanese cat is one breed within the hybrid 'designer cat' category that is styled after the Siamese. This includes the Colorpoint Shorthair, Balinese, and Oriental Shorthair and Longhair.

What differs among them are the coat colors, patterns, and length. In some cases, the various feline associations also differ in this breed’s classification.

The Javanese is long and lean with refined features and a slender, delicate build. 

It looks like the Siamese cat but has two main differences. It has a silky, single-layer coat of medium length and a stunning plumed tail

Their head is wedge-shaped, their ears are large, and their eyes are a deep blue. 

What is the difference between Balinese and Javanese?

Not to be confused with the Balinese, the Javanese has some subtle differences. 

They both have the appearance of long-haired Siamese cats but have different color points on their body. The Javanese also gets described as the long-haired equivalent of the Colorpoint Shorthair. This has lead to it being referred to as the Colorpoint Longhair and even the Oriental Longhair by some breeders and cat registries.

Javanese cat colors

The Javanese can have many colored points outside of the traditional Siamese colored markings. These include:

  • Red and cream
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Linx points
  • Chocolate 
  • Blue
  • Seal
  • Lilac

Javanese kittens grow quickly and in adulthood expect a male cat to weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, usually between 5 and 7 pounds.

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It's all Personal. The Javanese Personality

Get ready to be entertained. Your new feline companion (make that child) will demand your constant attention. This cat loves to play, will demand interaction at every moment, and will follow you around the house to get it. 

The Javanese is frequently compared to similar cats. This breed is considered by many to be identical to the Siamese except for coat color and length

Although it vocalizes at a somewhat lower volume than the Siamese, it is every bit as assertive.

When your cat talks to you, be prepared to listen. It will most certainly expect you to do so! They'll also make close eye contact and implore you to pay close attention.

It's as if they expect you to understand their cat language.

The Javanese cat is as loving as it is intelligent. They are not difficult pets to have as long as you are willing to give them a special place in your life. Expect them to wait patiently for you to return home from work. Just make sure you shower your cat with plenty of love once you get home. 

They are highly entertaining, extraordinarily vocal, and athletically gifted. But they need attention. If you don't have that much time to spend with your pet, it's wise to get another, more independent breed.  

One thing of note: The Javanese cat is a great jumper. 

This is not usually a problem in cat households with owners who understand that cats will be… well, cats. But, it's something to keep in mind if you're not used to having a cat around. 

In case you are not aware, cats have 'staff’, not 'owners’. Even loving and attentive breed like the Javanese will not always abide by your rules. This cat is suitable for both single people or a large family. Providing they get the attention they need.

Javanese cat

Caring for your Javanese

You'll be pleased to know that because the Javanese cat does not have a thick downy undercoat. Its beautiful, silky coat is very easy to care for

You should very rarely need to bathe your pet. All they need is a thorough combing with a stainless steel comb. Do this twice a week, and it should be enough to remove any loose hair.

Brush the teeth daily if possible, or at least once a week. 

If the eyes have any discharge, wipe them with a damp cloth. 

Check ears for dirt every week. If required, clean with cotton balls dipped in warm water or a vet-approved solution. Do not use cotton swabs and avoid putting anything in their delicate ear canals. 

Start these routines with a young Javanese kitten, and they'll be more receptive to it as adult cats.

The Health and Happiness of your Javanese

The Javanese cat is a mixed breed rather than a pedigreed cat. However, it's still prone to some health difficulties. These are similar to those that affect the Siamese. 

These health conditions include:

Progressive retinal atrophy. This is a wasting disease of the eyes. With this condition, the cat's photoreceptor cells can deteriorate. This can lead to reduced vision and blindness. 

Cats tend to rely more on their other senses than humans, so blindless doesn't have to be such an issue. But, a vet should be consulted if you think the cat's vision is being affected.

Patellar luxation. This condition is where the cat's knee has become displaced. 

Signs to look out for include your cat limping, pain, and limited mobility in one knee. 

Depending on the severity of the condition, your vet might recommend a number of options. These can range from rest and recuperation for your cat or knee surgery.

Feline bronchial asthma. This is similar to asthma in humans and is a chronic inflammation of the lungs. Symptoms can include wheezing, rapid breathing, or a persistent cough. Seek vet advice if you think your Javanese has asthma.

What is the Javanese cat lifespan?

With love and proper veterinary care, a Javanese can have a long and happy life.

The average lifespan for the Javanese cat is 10 to 15 years.

Where Can I Find Respectable Javanese Breeders?

This is a rare cat breed that is popular as a pet because of its loving personality. The Javanese get along well with children, so many families want one as a pet.

Getting one from a respectable breeder should be your priority. Our list of Javanese breeders should definitely be helpful to you.

You don’t want to pick wrongly with this rare breed, and a good breeder will make your life much easier. These cats cost between $1,500 and $2,500.

Javanese cat

Feline History. Where does the Javanese come from?

The Javanese cat is not from the Indonesian Island of Java. It was given the name because of its genetic ties to the Balinese. This cat was named confusingly to represent the sister island of Bali where neither cat originates. 

At first, TICA considered the Javanese cat breed to be a unique strain, separate from the Balinese. The breed was also recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1987.

However, both TICA and the Cat Fanciers Association have now declared it a division of the Balinese.

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