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Colorpoint Shorthair

Shane Sykes - Last Updated on December 18th, 2021

All you need to Know About Colorpoint Shorthair

What looks like a Siamese, but isn’t? Yes, the answer is the Colorpoint Shorthair!

This breed was brought into creation by Siamese fanciers that wanted different colors for their kitty. Now, this rare breed is truly famed for the variety of its points. 

The body type, head, and personality of the Colorpoint Shorthair are identical to the Siamese – in fact, the only real difference between the two is the coloring. A gift from a group of avant-garde breeders who decided that they wanted a Siamese cat with red points, this cat is a product of crossing a red domestic shorthair with a seal point Siamese. Today, the Colorpoint Shorthair comes in a wide selection of colors.

Appearance Matters: The Look of the Colorpoint Shorthair

Long and nimble is the main word to describe this breed. The Colorpoint Shorthair has an elegant, medium-sized body that flows in long, narrow lines. While graceful, they do have firm muscles. Their legs are long and slim, and their tail tapers.

They have very arresting almond-shaped blue eyes, big ears, and an identical head shape to the Siamese.

As we have mentioned, apart from the color range, the Colorpoint Shorthair is all but identical to their feline cousin. And while most do, not every club considers them a separate breed. 

The average height is 21-23 inches, and the weight is 5-12 lb.

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What colors do Colorpoint cats come in?

These beautiful cats have classic Siamese points (albeit in different colors). If you don’t know what the point is, it is the darker color around the tail, ear, face, and paws. While elsewhere, there is a paler, often cream main coat around the belly and back. 

The wide range of colors out there are as follows

  • Red Point (aka Flame Point)
  • Cream Point
  • Cinnamon Point
  • Fawn Point
  • Seal Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Blue Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Lynx Point (in any of the colors), 
  • Tortie Point (in any of the colors) 
  • Torbie Point (in any of the colors)

By far and away, the Red point is the most popular and the most common. The red point, or "flame point," is often the only one eligible for competition. While they are perfectly healthy in all colors, if you have a non-red colored cat, you probably won't be able to show them.

Be aware that the point color often darkens as the cat gets older.

As attractive as the Colorpoint Shorthair is to look at, what is most endearing about this little kitty is its personality.

The Personality of the Colorpoint Shorthair

Smart and sweet, the Colorpoint Shorthair is every bit as talkative as the Siamese, with the tendency to hang on your every word in response.

Colorpoint Shorthair cats are extremely bright. They like plenty to do, and will bore easily. Although exceedingly intelligent, what the Colorpoint Shorthair wants to do most is to simply be a cat.

But regardless of how catlike your pet’s behavior, your Colorpoint Shorthair will always be playful. It has the amusing talent of retrieving toys, just like a dog. Toss a clump of paper or, better yet, a pretty, shiny ball, and this cat will spring into action. They won’t tire of having fun with you, or your kids. In fact, this breed is one of the very best family cats. 

The Colorpoint Shorthair has a number of canine traits in its personality. It comes when called and will listen with rapt attention if you care to discuss your day. Just make sure you listen in return, for like the Siamese, the Colorpoint will have its side of the story to tell as well.

A quiet, aloof cat this is not! In fact, it is one of the more active, outgoing and human-centric breeds. It is an extrovert with its family, very vocal, with noise for every situation. 

Are there any drawbacks to adopting this lovely feline beauty? Only that if you don't give your Colorpoint the attention it wants, these cats can become anxious or depressed, leading to a lifelong neurosis. You should only choose to get a Colorpoint Shorthair if you have the time and desire to devote the unlimited attention it asks.

Colorpoint Shorthair can also be sensitive to the mood of their owners. If you are feeling sad or angry, it can affect your cat too. But they will also be full of happiness when you feel the same. 

In new situations or with new people, these very devoted cats get a little nervous. Colorpoint Shorthair will not be the sort of cat to go curling up by a stranger's leg and will be aloof or even afraid when someone new approaches them. 

Because of this, they need care when letting outside. It is ideal if you have a secure garden with a high fence, but a cat can always find a way out, as you know. The Colorpoint is unlikely to stray far from home and can be satisfied as an entirely indoor cat.

The Health of Colorpoint Shorthair 

The Colorpoint Shorthair is thankfully a sturdy, generally healthy breed of cat but can suffer the same health problems as its feline cousin. 

While not common, these issues could occur to a Colorpoint.

  • Eye issues such as nystagmus (rapid eye movement) and crossed eyes can occur.
  • Breathing difficulties are possible such as asthma or bronchial disease, 
  • Endocardial fibroelastosis is a heart condition which some suffer from.

These are hard to prevent, and monitoring with regular vet visits to pick up on any conditions is necessary. 

The best way to limit the chances of a severe illness like these is to make sure you choose your cat from a respectable, responsible breeder you can find on Pets4You.

While there are a few things to consider here, thankfully, grooming this cat isn’t quite so big a deal.

The average lifespan of Colorpoint Shorthair is 13-16 years.

Grooming and Coat Care of Colorpoint Shorthair

Fortunately, the Colorpoint Shorthair is very meticulous about its grooming and will do most of it on its own. 

Regular brushing or use of a "cat mitt" that will remove loose hairs gently is recommended. It's also advisable to brush your cat's teeth every day with specialized kitty toothpaste that targets plaque and tartar buildup – and tastes great, too – which promotes optimal overall health.

Are Colorpoint shorthairs hypoallergenic?

Good news for cat crazy allergy sufferers! Though not hypoallergenic (it’s a myth), this breed is very low shedding and very light on dander, which causes those sneezes. So this really is one of the best breeds if you do suffer!

Where does the Colorpoint Shorthair come from?

In England and America, ambitious breeders in the 1940s desired a Siamese cat with points afire! Traditionally, four-point colors were chosen: lilac, seal point, blue, and chocolate. By breeding the Siamese, a red Domestic Shorthair, the American Shorthair, and the Abyssinian, these new breeders achieved their goal.

Since that day, over a dozen colors of the Colorpoint Shorthair have been created. Though some still do not accept this as a true breed, many groups now consider it.

Nevertheless, this is still quite a rare breed, and if you chose one, expect to be a unique cat owner in your area. 

What is the Average Price of a Colorpoint Shorthair?

It is not hard to imagine that you fell in love with one of these amazing kittens. We have good news for you - you won’t need to pay an extremely high price for one.

Colorpoint Shorthair kittens for sale usually go for around $500 to $800. They make for a good replacement for the more expensive Siamese cats. 

A good thing about the Colorpoint Shorthair is the large array of colors you will be able to choose from. This could also influence the price a bit, depending on the breeder.

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