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Things you Should Know about the Donskoy

The Donskoy cat is also often called Don Sphynx or the Russian Hairless. It is a hairless cat breed that originates from Russia. Despite the name, these cats have no relation to the wildly popular Sphynx cat.

The main difference between the two is in the way their hairlessness is caused. In the Donskoy, it is caused by a dominant mutation, while in the Sphynx, it’s a recessive mutation. The Donskoy cats are gorgeous and highly intelligent. Their wrinkles give them a wise look, and they are elegant, loving, and friendly.

Appearance Matters. What does a Donskoy look like?

Donskoy cats can come in four different coat types. These usually feature a variety of colors. Naturally, since it is a hairless cat, the coat only appears at birth. The coats of a Donskoy cat include Rubber Bald, Flocked, Velour, and Brush.

Only the Rubber Bald is born completely bald. The others can have a coat, but it disappears completely throughout their lives. Only cats born with a Brush coat lose a portion of it and are bald only on their head and back. 

A unique feature of Donskoy cats is that they can grow a winter coat. This coat consists of fine wool on their chests and hairs on the tip of their tails. Once the weather is warmer, they lose the coat. Their skin sweats when it is too hot, and they can also get sun-tanned.

Donskoy cats are elegant and have strong bones. They are medium-sized, sturdy cats with soft and wrinkled skin. Their skin is highly elastic and has intense wrinkles on the cheeks, jowls, and underneath the chin. 

Male Donskoy cats are larger than females. They have a muscular body that is shaped like a pear. Their front legs are also shorter than their back legs. Still, their entire body is built proportionally. 

What colors do the Donskoy cats come in?

Donskoy cats are hairless, meaning they don’t have coats that can be of different colors. However, according to the breed standard, they can be born with several different coat types.

  • Bald
  • Flocked
  • Velour
  • Brush

Except for those with a brush coat, all of these lose their coats throughout the first year of their lives.

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It's all Personal. The Donskoy Temperament

Donskoy cats are best described as elegant and highly social. They have a fairly unique personality. They are intriguing, analytical, and have a kind heart. They are gentle and make good pets. These cats will cuddle with you without a problem.

They are also extremely playful and will show a lot of interest in things in their surroundings. You will have fun playing different games with them. They also show affection and become social towards anyone easily. Expect a Donskoy cat to get used to any new visitor quickly.

Another exciting thing about the personality of a Donskoy is its curiosity. They love to explore around the house and can entertain themselves easily. Still, they love being around other people or animals the most. 

They are quite social with other animals. You should not worry if you already have a pet. The Donskoy will become friends with them in no time.

Donskoy cats are loyal and will follow you around in all of your activities. You can easily train them, and they will quickly learn to follow your commands.

Caring for your Donskoy

Since Donskoy cats are hairless, you won’t have problems meeting their grooming needs. You won’t need to brush them at all, but you should wipe them often. It would be best if you could wipe your cat daily. This is because their bodies produce oils but don’t have hair that would absorb them.

You should bathe your Donskoy cat at least once per month. This will prevent any skin issues. These cats are quite prone to them, so you need to pay extra attention to their skin. As with most other cat breeds, make sure to check their ears regularly. You should remove all wax buildup and debris.

Are Donskoy cats hypoallergenic?

No cat is truly hypoallergenic, but those that shed less have less chance of causing an allergic reaction. Donskoy cats barely shed at all since they are hairless. This is why they make good pets for people with mild allergies.

The Health and Happiness of your Donskoy

These cats have a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years

Since Donskoy cats are hairless, they are prone to multiple skin issues. These include sunburn and high sensitivity to overly hot or cold weather. They can also suffer from certain dental issues, including gum disease or tooth decay. Make sure to brush their teeth regularly.

Some breeders have concerns about the genetic health of this breed. The mutation that causes hairlessness in Donskoy cats could lead to specific health issues. They can lose the ability to sweat or lactate. However, this happens rarely.

How Expensive is a Donskoy Cat?

These hairless cats have been becoming increasingly popular each year. Many are probably interested in getting one but aren’t sure if they could afford it.

Well, we have you covered with the info on the price of these cats. You should expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $2,000 for Donskoy kittens for sale.

The price will depend on a lot of factors. These include the pedigree, the breeder, but also the skin color and type of the kitten.

This means that you could either get one fairly cheap or pay a relatively high price, so you should always look at our list of breeders to find the right cat for you.

Feline History. Where does the Donskoy come from?

This cat breed originated in 1987 in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. A cat breeder named Elena Kovaleva discovered a hairless cat that she named Varvara. This cat mated with a tomcat and produced kittens, which became the founding stock of Donskoy cats.

At first, the kittens were declared unhealthy, but another cat breeder Irina Nemikina generated a new breed from them. She originally named the breed the Don Sphynx. The Donskoy was recognized by the World Cat Federation in 1997. The International Cat Association officially recognized it in 2005.

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