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    Dedicated to bringing you a top quality puppy that is happy, healthy, & playful. Every puppy is current on vaccinations & deworming. 1 year health guarantee. Puggle Puppies For Sale in Pottersville, Missouri United States

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    Puggle Puppies for Sale

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    Puggle puppies available! Extremely adorable, well socialized Puggle puppies. Each puppy will come current on vaccinations and dewormings, wellness health exam, microchipped and lifetime health guarantee. FREE ground and air delivery throughout the US and Canada! Puggle Puppies For Sale in United States

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This Designer Dog Has Been a Hit With Many Stars and Celebrities

Puggle Puppies For Sale

Among the most popular designer breeds of dogs, the Puggle has captured the love and affection of many people desiring a pet. The Puggle is a hybrid dog that is the result of crossing a Beagle with a Pug. They are a very popular breed that is cute, energetic and loving. They can have a very sweet temperament, and are social, playful, and intelligent. Though Puggles are fairly high-maintenance dogs because of many possible health concerns, when it comes to having a pet there is nothing quite like a Puggle.

Hybrid breeds account for nearly 50% of all mixed breed dogs in the United States. The Australian Labradoodle was the first hybrid breed created and accepted over a decade ago. But Puggles are among the most loved pets of hybrid breeds. Puggles are well known for their curious smell instincts. With an innate hyper nature, they will follow their noses whenever they pick up an interesting smell, which may end up with the Puggle chewing up everything in the house! In spite of this tendency, whether you want a buddy to go with you on hikes or walks in the park; a tracking dog to go hunting with you; or a guard dog to let you know if there are strangers lurking about, the Puggle is a spectacular animal.

Puggles are a good size for many people, weighing 15-20 pounds and growing to be 10-15 inches in height. Puggles come in black, beige, or silver, and have a black mask that distinguishes them from other hybrid breeds. Native to the United States, Puggles make a great addition to the family. The relaxed attitude of the Puggle is easy to fall in love with. This sociable pup has a personality all its own.

A very important aspect of the Puggle breed is the absolute care which needs to be taken in managing its health. Many Puggles are known to inherit a genetic defect which results in a condition known as “puppy strangle.” This condition affects the skin of a Puggle, and if left untreated will spread down the body and eventually "strangle" and kill the Puggle. But with the right kind of care and antibiotics it is highly treatable. This condition begins as a kind of dermatitis on the Puggle's head and may be swollen and raw. Doing thorough research and finding a reputable breeder is important when buying a Puggle.

Designer Care for Designer Dogs
The Puggle breed needs much more care than many other breeds and the quality of food and water given to the dog is highly important. Health issues can arise from improper care, not to mention accidents. Grooming the Puggle is also important to avoid infection from ticks and other kinds of skin problems. Care should be taken to use mild shampoos which have fewer harmful chemicals since these dogs have very sensitive skin. Proper nutrition is essential to the Puggle’s growing healthy bones and muscles. It is a good idea to consult your vet concerning the nutritional needs of these very special little dogs.

Puggles tend to be quite patient and endearing with children. Nevertheless, as with all smaller dog breeds, parents should supervise playtime to ensure that pets aren't accidentally harmed by unknowing little hands.

The coats of these hybrids are short, so bathing is quite easy and only needed once or twice a month. Between baths, make sure to clean inside the folds of wrinkled skin to remove accumulated debris, or else bacterial build-up can cause a foul odor. Shedding is also part of life with a Puggle, but regular brushing will help reduce the problem.

Though this breed needs lot of physical activity to remain healthy and happy, care should be taken not to overdo it, as this may cause the dog to get very stressed which can affect its health. Ears should be checked quite frequently by your vet to guard against infection. Puggles carry genetics from both parent breeds, therefore they can be prone to all the same health concerns to which Beagles and Pugs are susceptible. However, Puggle breeders believe that cross-breeding actually dilutes the potential for many of these health problems.

Puggles are sensitive to extreme climates and can catch colds easily. Because of the short muzzle and poor airways, it can develop breathing problems. For this reason, they have a tendency to wheeze and snore, and these tendencies can be aggravated if the dog over-exerts itself. The Pug breed has a healthy appetite and so does the Puggle, so overeating can become a problem, and diet must be watched and managed. Puggles are a generally healthy and resilient breed that can reach the age of 14 to 15 years.

Puggles have been a hit with famous celebrities as well as the general public. Well-known owners of Puggles include: Uma Thurman, Tori Spelling, Jake Gylenhall, Jessica Alba, and Dennis Quaid.

One should be very careful and thorough when shopping for Puggle puppies, since they are susceptible to numerous diseases. The right kind of breeding practices can diminish and/or eliminate the tendency towards certain kinds of illnesses. Please consult our highly reputable Puggle breeders when searching for a puppy or a full-grown dog.

Group Classification:

Recognized By:

Country of Origin: United States

Date of Origin: 1980s

Hair Length: Short

Shedding: Moderate

Body Size: Small

Weight Male: 15-30 pounds

Height Male: 10-15 inches

Weight Female: 15-30 pounds

Height Female: 10-15 inches

Litter Size:

Life Expectancy: 10-15 years








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Hot Weather:

Cold Weather:

Fawn or tan with a black mask are by far the most common, but some are born all black, white, or tri-colored.

Living Area
Do well with apartment living but require daily utdoor walks and the occasional free romp in a wide secure space.