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Saxon Owens

member since 12/18/2022

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Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted a breed of dog that was loyal and most importantly quiet. In my search I looked into many breeds and never considered a wolf hybrid, I honestly didn't know anything about them, but one random day I happened upon an ad for some pups and decided to check them out... I'm now an eight year owner of wolf dogs and I've never looked back. Sunset was my first hybrid and she had been the best dog I've ever owned. Never makes noise except the occasional howl if I leave for vacation or work for extended periods. Extremely well behaved with all people and animals as long as she understands the animal in question is not food. My only issue is that she won't be around forever, so I decided to have her bred. After 4 years of many different breeds, she finally accepted a malamute male and had Muffin Man (pictured). He was her first and only pup in the litter, and since I only ended up with a male, I decided to go for one more attempt for a female, and here I am with 6 pups! I love my wolfdogs and want the best for them, they are incredible smart, medium energy levels, very mild in temperament, extremely good with kids and other animals, but they are extremely stubborn and in my experience, training them high intensity, heavy hands (nothing physical, but you need to be the BOSS when training), really made the training process so much smoother in the long run. They respect authority when properly established. I've had sunset tested years ago with Embark and she came out as 14-20% artic wolf. Which if I'm honest, I'm glad she's low content, she gets the best of both worlds in terms of intelligence and temperment without the quirks of most high content dogs. These pups will be lower in total wolf content, be aware, she was bred with a full blood Husky, but they seem to be taking after her in terms of coloration!

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    If you have any questions call us at 571-895-6407, Chat with us or send us an email.
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