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Jessie C

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Florence, AZUnited States

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28 years (since 1996)


Renalee's Wolf World

Jessie C

member since 4/4/2003

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Renalee's Wolf World has been known by people from California to New York for over 25 years for the trainable, lovable, and beautiful wolf dogs that have graced their lives. Artists, trainers, and wolf lovers have come to know our Wolf Dogs because of their excellent character, exquisite looks, huge stature and trainability. A well known artist painted a watercolor portrait of her titled "Timber in the Snow". She was a 75%, F3, daughter of the puppy in the Disney White Fang movie. The cubs from her lineage have been a favorite of many satisfied customers. They have been featured in documentaries, calendars, and also have appeared in the Disney Air Buddies movie. But best of all they have become a best friend and companion to many families. The Gift was written By Marlene Burns Here is her story as it appeared in "The Wolf Hybrid Times" in June of 1997 after getting a puppy from Renalees Wolf World. "Approximately four years ago tragedy struck my life. My 22 year old son Michael died suddenly. Of course, I was devastated beyond words or thoughts. But through the years, the healing process has taken place and my life is pretty much back to normal. However, I do have a difficult time coping with the holidays and especially Michael's birthdays. Last year, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to move to the White Mountains of Arizona. After we settled in, we decided that we would like to share our magical place with a Wolf Hybrid. After a year of studying, asking and looking, we found a breeder here in Arizona that we like real well. She introduced us to both parents, showed us their pedigrees, shared pictures of cubs from past litters and gave us a video to take home. At the time of our visit, the breeding pair were doing just that. We calculated that the cubs would be born around the 19th of December and we told the breeder that we would like a male. We headed back up the mountain and waited for his arrival. One day in the first week of December, I was doing what I do every morning, I was meditating. During my meditation my son appeared before me holding a male grey Hybrid cub. He said, "Mom, this is the cub you have been waiting for. I know that my birthdays are hard on you. I wanted you to know he'll be born on my birthday to be a gift for you." I came out of my meditation with tears rolling down my face. I later told my husband of the vision. He was impressed, but he reminded me that Michael's birthday was December 14th-too early, he said, for the cubs to be born. On the morning of my son's birthday, the phone rang and my husband answered it. He handed the phone to me with a very surprised look on his face and said, "You're going to want to talk to this person." I knew before I put the phone to my ear who it was and what Renalees Wolf World was going to say to me. Everyone was so surprised and amazed that the cubs were born so early. Everyone except for me. By the way, there was only one male grey cub born in the litter, and next to the birth of my son, he is the greatest gift I have ever received." Your New Wolf Pup/Food alert I am not responsible for your choices in pet food and this is only a suggestion as a result of my research of pet food for many years. Information is given to try to help extend the life of your pet and alert you to the dangerous ingredients on the labels and contents of pet foods. (some ingredients are not listed!) Your puppy needs meat to grow properly in the first stages of his life. I recommend a mixture of softened dog food with BOILED organic ground chicken. Do not feed venison due to mad deer disease or pork of any kind as it creates pancreatitis can cause your pet to die in a matter of hours. There are some very good raw brands of food at Pet Stores. BE SURE THAT they get enough nutrients by supplementing with dry kibble as the basis. Dogs need the nutrients in kibble to prevent hip dysplasia. Never use formulas for Big dogs for any of your pets. It causes them to grow too fast and creates hip problems. Wolves are the most healthy canine you can get but you must not disrupt what comes natural to them. Wolves tolerate lamb and rice better than any other food. I also like to use COOKED ORGANIC chicken that does not contain antibiotics or hormones. It is imperative that meat should be discontinued after the puppy is 8 weeks old other than for an occasional treat. Do not place the treats in the bowl. A lot of dog food products are said to contain a dangerous cancer containing ingredient called ethoxyquin which is not listed on the bag. It is a fish preservative so I avoid all fish ingredients if possible. I have been using Nutra Nugget LAMB AND RICE a Diamond product for 25 plus years and have had my dogs live 14 to 17 healthy years. Note: It is NOT Nutro! Ingredients change daily so it is up to you to read the labels. TRAINING TIPS AND A LOT MORE INFORMATION ON WOLF DOGS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE

My commitments

I will provide a written Bill of Sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.

I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.

I require each applicant to fill out an application to assure that my breed and dogs are the right fit for the new family.

I prefer to keep in contact with the new owner, so I can be updated about the wellbeing of the dog and see how it is developing.

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    If you have any questions call us at 619-374-1438, Chat with us or send us an email.
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