Indian Spring Cattery

Douglas Schar

member since 4/1/2014


Leesburg, VAUnited States

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42 years (since 1982)


Indian Spring Cattery

Douglas Schar

member since 4/1/2014

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My story

When I started Indian Spring Cattery, it was my intention to breed Burmese cats. In my opinion, Burmese cats make the best pets in the entire world. But, I soon discovered the American Burmese breed was in trouble. The breed was created with two cats, Wong Mau and Tai Mau, imported from Asia in the 1930's. Virtually no cats had been imported from Thailand since and not surprising, the breed had become inbred. A rather sobering study by Dr.Leslie Lyons, renown cat researcher, revealed that American Burmese are the most inbred cat breed in the world. The prospects for the breed did not look good. I decided to do something about it. My thought was this. The American Burmese breed was CREATED with a Siamese and a Tonkinese cat, imported from Thailand, 100 years ago. The only sensible thing to do was to import more cats from Thailand and add some genetic diversity to the American Burmese breed. And that is what I did. I have imported a spectrum of cats from Thailand and use them in my Burmese breeding program. And, as a result of importing all these cats, not only do I have healthy Burmese kittens, I also have Tonkinese(Dong Tang) and Siamese (Wichienmaat) in the litters. Half of my breeding stock came from Thailand, and, as a result, I get more colors than the usual Burmese breeder. Over time, I suspect my cats will develop a more uniform look and color range. But, for now, the imported Thai cats, and their incredible genetic diversity, results in truly rainbow litters. So though I am a Burmese breeder, I now I have BURMESE, SIAMESE, and TONKINESE kittens! Though I think my cats are beautiful, they do not look like the American Burmese you see at cat shows. They have long noses and super short hair and all kinds of eye colors. But, I do not aim to produce cats that will win at shows. I aim to produce the healthy pets that will bring joy and happiness to their owners for years and years. I breed for health and personality and…….. for health and personality. And honestly, trying to bring those two attributes out in my cats, keeps me plenty busy. I feel that what sets these cats apart from the other breeds is their fantastic dog-like personality. All of the American Burmese cats in my breeding program, and those imported from Thailand, have that irresistible personality we associate with the Burmese breed. They are pushy, demanding, constant companions. If you are looking for a healthy cat, brimming with personality, you have come to the right cattery. ​The same is true with the Siamese and Tonkinese that pop up in my litters. If you are looking for a healthy Burmese cat(or Siamese or Tonkinese), I have those. My goal is to maintain the characteristic dog like personality of these breeds and correct the health problems that have become associated with these breeds. Its taken some work, but, I now have kittens that have the American Burmese personality with the health and longevity one should expect.

My commitments

The applicable health screenings have been performed on the Studs and Queens as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.

I provide a Health Guarantee for the kittens I sell.

I will provide a written Bill of Sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.

I will provide the kitten buyer with information about socialization, exercise, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible cat ownership.

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    If you have any questions call us at 619-374-1438, Chat with us or send us an email.
    If you have any questions call us at 619-374-1438, Chat with us or send us an email.
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