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    Breeding from National Winner and Regional Winner Lines. Healthy, Loving, and well-socialized. Long/Short hair, pet breeder & show quality. CFA registered, pkd negative, 1 year written health guarantee, vaccinated and dewormed. Ringworm free. All breeding cats have echocardiograms performed by a cardiologist to screen for HCM. Every kitten sold gets a health check from my vet and a fecal test. Shipping worldwide, escorted delivery within the USA. Please visit our site: http://www.alove4paws.com/ Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Trabuco Canyon, California United States. Also has Persians.

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    Exotic Shorthair Kittens for Sale

    Maggy Lombardi (949) 233-9853
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    Our extremely friendly and beautiful cats come from the worlds best European breeders. Each kitten comes from the lines of the show winners.The lines we carry include Sultans, Sandy Paws, Karabel and Spreewood.You will find the best friend you have always dreamed of at Kingsley Kittens. We are located in the Pasadena area in California. Kittens are family raised with no cages and have the right attention to toys. Every baby comes with a health guarantee and are carefully checked and cleared by the Vet. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in La, California United States. Also has Himalayan Cats.

    Jeanie Bryant (626) 230-4051
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    We Breed for Health, Temperament, and Beauty always striving to exceed CFA standards. We breed Bi-Color and Solid Persians. We also have the elusive Blue and Odd Eyed gene. Kittens are raised in our home, with love. We provide, health guarantee, shots, wormed, vet checked and their Blankie. Our kittens come from Grand Champion, National and Regional Winning lines. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Berthoud, Colorado United States. Also has Persians.

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    Exotic Shorthair Kittens for Sale

    Ana (303) 489-7698
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    • Tampa Bay, FL
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    Small Friendly Boutique Breeder Known for Adorable Healthy Immaculate Kittens with exquisite Health. Disease Free Guarantee. Experienced Shipper. Client recommended, Veterinarian Approved. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Tampa Bay, Florida United States

    • Dreamquete Exotics and Persians Exotic Shorthair
    • Crown Point, IN
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    Small show cattery devoted to Excellence. Home of TICA International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Sunsoar Jollymon of Dreamquete. Kittens raised underfoot. Fungus-free, pdk negative cattery. Show, Breeder, Pet kittens available. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Crown Point, Indiana United States

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    Exotic Shorthair Kittens are now reserved. More litters on the way! See LondonSquareCats.com Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Fayetteville, Arkansas United States

    Date Born: 08/21/2019
    Date Available: 10/24/2019
    Price Range: 1500-2000
    Deposit: 750
    Champion Bloodline: Yes
    Show Potential: Yes

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    CFA Exotic Shorthairs. Brown Tabby, Red & White, Tortoishell & white female, brown & white tabby. Kittens born Aug 21, 2019. Pictures will be taken when eyes open. Watch website LondonSquareCats.com, Available Page. Calm loving lap cats.

    Whats Included
    Vaccinations Vet Health check Carrier food, toys, CFA Registration

    Gena English (479) 306-0883
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    We are a small cattery and we strive to raise beautiful CFA Registered Exotic Shorthair Kittens with a good temperament and most of our babies are are Champion Sired. We have the odd eyes plus several colors to choose from. PKD negative parents & we can offer a full registration on some of the larger girls. We can ship to most major airports weather permitting. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Fort Smith, Arkansas United States

    Starla's - patched Tabby
    DeAnna - High White Red
    Deanna's Red White - Male
    Gypsy Blue Dilute Female
    Lorie Day (918) 346-2043
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    Thank U 4 visiting Pets4You. Pls visit my website (which is given in this ad) and go to the KITTENS page, read the intro, which requests particular information when inquiring about available kittens. Those who comply get priority responses. Pet, breeder, show quality kittens. LJolor has been registered since 1978 in CFA and is PKD negative. Both Exotic Shorthairs and Longhairs are availablein most colors including chocolate and lilac in solids and bi-colors. Lineages arefrom Grand, Regional, and National winners. Please visit LJolor's website. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Tucson, Arizona United States

    Silver/white exotic longhair girl $650
    silver/white exotic longhair girl $650
    Red tabby exotic shorthair boy $550
    Blue/white exotic longhair boy $650
    Black/white exotic longhair boy $600
    Red/white exotic longhair boy $700
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    Fancyfriends.com. Specializing in color point exotic short and long hair. Breeding All colors (Silvers, bicolors, color point, tabbys, solids and calicos). Healthy, Loving, well socialized. All colors. Long/Short hair, pet breeder and show quality. CFA registered, pkd negative. Breeding since 1984. Regional & National Winner lines. Ringworm free. Shipping worldwide, escorted delivery within the USA. Please visit our site. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Laguna Beach, California United States

    Champion Bloodline: Yes
    Champion Sired: Yes
    Show Potential: Yes

    Silver Exotic Shorthair
    (949) 499-3932 / (949) 939-7455 (Cell)
    • Peking Cattery Exotic Shorthairs
    • CA
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    Grand Champion lines Regional & National Winner lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Health guarantee. FeLV & FIV negative. Screen for PKD, Ringworm free. All color points including white, blue, calico, tabby and black & white. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in California United States

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    Also in the near future! Pushed in Faces. Small CFA registered cattery. Our Goal: Raise healthy kittens with sweet personalities. Raised in our home & given individual attention & love. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Derby, Connecticut United States

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    Exotic Shorthair Kittens for Sale

    Craig Sharpe (203) 300-6030
    • chessurcats Exotic Shorthair
    • FL
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    EXOTIC SHORTHAIR KITTENS PARENTS IMPORTED FROM RUSSIA from top Champion lines. CFA REGISTERED All my cats live with the family. Located in Florida Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Florida United States

    • WarKats Exotic Shorthair
    • Terrell, TX
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    Beautiful Exotic Purebred Shorthaired Persian Kittens For Sale, Two Female and One Male. We are small Ranch, Kittens are socialized out with our family and are Neg. PKD and ready for new homes in a few weeks. These are Pet Quality, Vet Check, and Wormed. Pricing is 1600 to 1800 each. We don't cage raise Cats. Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale in Terrell, Texas United States

A Shorthaired Version of the Persian,
This Affectionate, Well-Mannered Cat Is a Quiet Jewel

Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Sale

The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat developed to resemble a shorthaired version of the Persian. This cat appeals to people who love the personality of the Persian, but do not want the burden of constantly grooming a longhaired cat with a very dense coat. Because of its easy-to-manage coat, some call the Exotic Shorthair, the “lazy man’s Persian.” The Exotic Shorthair is similar to the Persian in many ways, including temperament and conformation, but the coat is significantly shorter.

Exotic Shorthairs have the same sweet pansy-like face and short nose with big eyes, and the same short, square body, giving them the look of a cuddly teddy bear. These affectionate cats have the quiet manners of the Persian but are livelier and more inquisitive thanks to the genetic contributions from their shorthaired ancestry.

The Persian was first used as an outcross secretly by some American Shorthair breeders in the late 1950s, to try to "improve" their breed. The hybrid look gained recognition in the show ring, but other breeders who were unhappy with the changes successfully pushed for new breed standards that would disqualify American Shorthairs that showed any signs of hybridization. One American Shorthair breeder who saw the potential of the Persian/American Shorthair cross eventually managed to get the Cat Fanciers' Association to recognize them as a new breed in 1966, under the name Exotic Shorthair.

During the breeding program, crosses were also made with the Russian Blue and the Burmese. But since 1987, the only allowable outcross breed has been the Persian. Because of the regular use of Persians as outcrosses, some Exotics may carry a copy of the recessive longhair gene. When two such cats mate, there is a one-in-four chance of each kitten being longhaired. Ironically, longhaired Exotics are not considered Persians by CFA, although The International Cat Association (TICA) accepts them as Persians. Other associations register them as a separate Exotic Longhair breed.

The Exotic Shorthair has a compact, rounded, powerfully built, medium-sized body with a short, thick "linebacker-style" neck. Its large rounded eyes, short snub nose, sweet facial expression, and small ears give it an eternally youthful appearance that some people find to be very appealing. Exotic Shorthairs are heavily-boned, sturdy cats with lines softened by the thick dense coat. They have broad, round, massive heads with low-set ears, and full, rounded cheeks. The head is set on a robust, short, square body, with short but stocky legs balanced by an abbreviated thick tail with a rounded tip, that is carried low.

All Persian coat colors are recognized, which embraces the full array of the rainbow plus a multitude of patterns including pointed coloration (lighter body with darker extremities), creating a shorthaired version of the Himalayan. The eyes are a pure, deep color corresponding to that of the coat (gold to copper in most varieties; green in the chinchilla and the golden; blue in the white and the colorpoint). The breed does not reach full maturity until around the age of two.

The easy-going Exotic Shorthair is an affectionate, gentle cat with the quiet manners of the Persian. Exotic Shorthairs will request your attention with an irresistible gaze, and then hug you when you pick them up. They will follow you from room to room to be near you, and then jump in your lap for a nap when you settle down to read a book. Their shorthaired ancestors have given them a love of play, and they will jump to catch a toy or sit studying how to get a toy that is out of reach. Simple things amuse them, such as chasing paper balls around the house, or watching the water drip out of the tap.

While seen but rarely heard, the Exotic has a soft voice and a vocabulary of chirping sounds. Although sweet and peaceful, Exotics still have an intelligent curiosity that makes them a joy to be around – and since they are so easy-going, they get on well with children and other pets – dogs and cats alike.

The Exotic prefers not to be left alone, and needs the presence of its owner (or voices or smells reminiscent of its people – such as a radio left on for company). Having two cats instead of just one can go a long way towards quelling the Exotic’s feelings of loneliness. They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats. Their calm and steady nature makes them ideal cats for dwellers of city apartments. Since Exotics retain some of the energetic spark of their American Shorthair ancestors, they are often capable mouse hunters, as well.

Unlike many other breeds, Exotics are not great jumpers, and prefer to remain fairly close to the ground, although they are capable, for example, of jumping up on a kitchen stool and hanging out, watching their people cooking. However, they are not rowdy, and do not have the tendency to climb the curtains (or the walls— for which some Bengals are famous!) Thus, they are likely to create very little damage in your house.

To influence the final desired outcome of your mature cat, it is recommended that you begin to shape a new kitten at a very early age. Since each kitten is an individual, of course, and some personality traits are probably “set in stone” at birth, Exotic Shorthairs are fairly malleable, and can definitely be affected by the quality and direction of their nurturing.

Care for it well, and give it lots of love and attention, and your Exotic Shorthair will live a long and happy life as your friend and soulmate!

Unlike the high-maintenance Persian, the Exotic is able to keep its own fur tidy with little human assistance, though weekly brushing and combing is recommended to remove loose hair and reduce shedding and hairballs. As with other flat-faced animals, the Exotic's tears are prone to overflowing the nasolacrimal ducts, thus dampening and staining the face. This problem can be relieved by periodically wiping the cat's face with a cloth moistened with water or one of the commercial preparations made expressly for this purpose.

Exotic Shorthairs, like Persians and other Persian-derived cats, have a high chance of inheriting PKD, (Polycystic Kidney Disease), a medical problem that can lead to kidney failure. Several studies have shown that the prevalence of PKD in Exotics is as high as between forty and fifty percent in developed nations. DNA screening for PKD is recommended for all Exotic Shorthair cats used in breeding programs, to reduce the incidence of kidney disease by spaying and neutering PKD-positive cats.

Barron’s Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds