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Are you someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of pet ownership? If so, the Blue Bay Shepherd may be perfect for you. This is a totally new breed, with the first puppies just born in 2011, and their characteristics are still not entirely determined. Nonetheless, this appears to be a breed that will be the delight of any family or individual that wants a devoted pet with a truly gorgeous appearance. This is a new breed with the first Blue Bays being born in early 2011. The new owners are thrilled with their intelligence, comical nature and strong desire to please. Of course everyone has experienced how the Blue Bays turn heads everywhere they go.
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      New breed 20 years in the making from magnificent foundation stock with verifiable backgrounds. Friendly animals with great temperaments. Bred to be a cherished family member. All pups guaranteed. If you are unhappy with your pup return it for a full refund,it's that simple. Also has Wolfdog. Palm Bay, Florida
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