Bengals House of Happiness

Jessie C

member since 4/4/2003


Florence, AZUnited States

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26 years (since 1996)


Bengals House of Happiness

Jessie C

member since 4/4/2003

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My story

Welcome to our Bengals House of Happiness. I have owned cats all of my life. I have had some wonderful and beautiful Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blues, and calico pets. They were my joy. Then I met my first Bengal. His name is "Bengal". A fine handsome marbled fellow. He has been my best friend and most loved cat I have ever owned over the course of many decades. I was told that Bengals are very vocal. However I was not prepared for the amazing intelligence and vocal gifts he has. It started off with him saying "Hello" back to me every morning. I sure got a kick out of that. Then it was "Momma". Eventually he put the 2 together and said "Hello Momma". The kicker was when he started telling me "NO". Hmmmm. Well I still think he's cute. He eventually learned to say Love you. That gets him kisses and salmon treats from momma. I tell him to jump up on the 4 story apartment we made for him. And He obeys. I tell him to roll over turning my finger to the right and he obeys. Then I turn to the left to roll over and he obeys that perfectly. Then I bend over and say "Kisses". He kisses me on the forehead. LOL! I love his kisses. He is so amazing! I try to teach his kittens to talk and some of them do catch on as well. I have a video of one of his kittens saying hello for the first time. Yes I said Kittens. I had to reproduce the best cat I ever owned so I could always have him with me. I purchased a female and the happiness had just begun for us. My husband made a habitat with master cool with trees and an apartment for them. This is my house of happiness. My kittens are TICA and beautiful and special beyond imagination. I am always looking for the one who is most like his dad. Then I found an ad for a very special boy named "Puff Paw". His dad was a 22 pound C3OS and his mom a C3 as well. He doesn't talk people talk like "Bengal" does. Although he does speak bengal cat language to me every day and gives lots of love. Everyone should own one of these marvelous exotic cats. That is why I am reasonably priced and I get to watch for my special Bengal JR. to arrive. I pray I am never without a Bengal in my life until I leave the planet. I pray that is how it happens for you as well. I have very happy and some even talking marbled and Rosetta kittens available. They all talk but all don't speak English. lol You can text me for more information and information on availability. Here's to the Joy and Laughter!!

My commitments

I will provide a written Bill of Sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.

I will provide the kitten buyer with information about socialization, exercise, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible cat ownership.

I require each applicant to fill out an application to assure that my breed and cats are the right fit for the new family.

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