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Basenji Puppies For Sale
The modern Basenji descends from dogs living in Zaire in the 1930s. These dogs are quiet and graceful, typical of breeds that evolved in temperate and warm climates. The tan color provides camouflage and a short coat on the ears and body all help with heat tolerance. These factors, along with the Basenji's silence while tracking, make it an efficient hunter. These dogs are barkless but not mute, having a full range of all other canine sounds (growls, snarls and whines). They are not good watchdogs but are excellent with children. They weigh 21 to 24 lbs. and stand 16-17" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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      AKC Basenji puppies! Red & White, Tri Color, Black & White, and occasional Brindles. Check web site for available puppies. Our Basenjis are "family socialized" with our three children. Basenji Puppies For Sale in Nicholls, Georgia United States
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