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Russian Blue Kittens For Sale
This breed was established in 1907. Colors range from a dark blue-gray to a very light, almost lavender tone. Kittens often have a ring on their tails which fades with maturity. Their eyes take on various shades of green, anywhere from a light apple green to deep emerald or jade hues. Calm, quiet, clean and affectionate, the Russian Blue is an ideal pet even for the apartment dweller. Contact the cat breeders below for your next family friend.
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There are no breeders currently listed for this breed. This is possibly because this is a difficult breed to find or a rare breed. In addition, those breeders who rely on word-of-mouth advertising are not aware of your interest. However, knows all breeders who have kittens available now or those that will soon be available. Locate the kitten you want using Pets4You Pet Finder.

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