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Maine Coon
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Abyssinian Kittens For Sale
The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular breeds of short-haired cat in America. A distinguished type of domesticated cat with a very distinctive "ticked" coat, there are many diverse but unsubstantiated stories about its origins, often revolving around Ethiopia. Generally, the Abyssinian is a wonderful cat for an owner seeking a very active companion with extremely high intelligence. A congenial pet who is easy to care for, it will earn lifelong compliments for its exquisitely beautiful coat.
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Serval has received a total of 86 Votes
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About The Most Popular Cats

What kind of cat do most people prefer? That’s a very personal question. While all cats can be very haughty and independent, some display characteristics much more akin to a warm and friendly dog. Yet dog owners and cat owners will agree that cats and dogs are quite different and make pretty uniquely different pets overall. A dog will greet you with unbridled enthusiasm when you arrive home, expecting that it’s time to play and probably eat, which in most cases is a dog’s favorite activity. A cat, on the other hand, while probably happy to see you, certainly doesn’t display any of the giddy behavior of a typical dog. They don’t call them “cool cats” for nothing. No, your cat is generally most interested in you when they hear the sounds of what they recognize as feeding time...the cat food can being opened, the clatter of dishware, the activity in the kitchen.

During one cat owner’s childhood, she can remember her own cat loudly meowing while her mother cooked liver for the cat every night, rubbing against her mother’s legs over and over with obvious anticipation and then watching the cat try to eat what was probably a little too hot a delicacy, chewing noisily with her mouth open to cool it down. Her mother had solved the finicky cat eating problem once and for all by presenting the wonderfully aromatic liver dinner for the amusement of everyone observing. Just as most dog owners will enjoy the experience of their dogs wolfing down their supper practically in one gulp, we cat owners take a more elegant pride in our cats’ more delicate appreciation of their favorite food, if we in fact have solved that culinary mystery.

At our customers and clients are encouraged to vote for their favorite breed of cat. Based on customer searches as well as page visits on our site, we can determine what cats are getting the most attention and probably rate as our most popular cats. While in national surveys, the top ten most popular cats may differ slightly from our list, many breeds consistently appear on every list. They include the astoundingly top cats of all which seem to appear on practically every list, including ours: (in no particular order) The Siamese, The Persian, The Ragdoll, The Sphynx, The Maine Coon, The Manx and The Bengal. After that, the list differs somewhat. While our list also includes the Siberian, the Serval and the Savannah, other national lists include the Himalayan, the Russian Blue, the American Shorthair, the Exotic, the Abyssinian, the Cornish Rex, the Oriental and the Birman.

Of the most famous cats in American culture, known primarily through film, TV, cartoons, books or other mode of celebrity, a few top cats come to mind including Garfield, The Cat in the Hat, Sylvester, Puss’n’Boots, Felix the Cat, Tom (of Tom and Jerry) and Socks, President Clinton’s famous first feline. There was also Morris, the fat cat made famous in the Purina Cat Food commercials, brought to national attention when President Nixon invited him to co-sign (with a paw-print) the National Animal Protection Bill.

Whatever cat breed you finally select as your favorite, we all know that whatever breed you own including even the lowly alley cat, as an honored part of your family, your royal pet of the house is truly the most important cat in your life. This ultimately is your favorite cat.

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