X-Quisit Siamese


Cattery Reduction.

My beloved CFA registered Adults are FREE or at nominal cost to select new FOREVER LAPS.
Kittens occasionally available.

Sensibly priced. Knowledgeably shipped.
Also loving healthy, altered adult companions.

Gorgeous CFA show type, pet, breeder, show kittens and young adults.
Grand CFA champion & DM lines. Temperament, health, quality guaranteed.
(727) 446-7308

X-Quisit SiameseCFA Grand Champion
X-Quisit Isis Lilac Point Female
X-Quisit SiameseX-Quisit Madam Butterfly
Chocolate Point Female at 5 months old.
X-Quisit SiameseCFA Grand Champion
X-Quisit Sienna
Seal Point Female
X-Quisit SiameseCFA Grand Champion & TICA Grand
X-Quisit Aurora of Chez-Chat.
Seal Point Female
X-Quisit SiameseCFA Grand Champion Regional Winner
X-Quisit Bat Girl Blue Point
X-Quisit SiameseX-Quisit Chip & 5mo
old Kitten Beignet
Beignet Chocolate Point
Pets Owned By: The Mains in Winter Haven, FL
X-Quisit SiameseCFA Champion
X-Quisit Geniva Lilac Point Female
Her kittens due in July
X-Quisit Siamese7mo Old Simba + 10 1/2 yr old Sashi
Adopted Jan 2013 by: Mary & Tom Myrtle Beach, SC
X-Quisit SiameseX-Quisit Scarlett O'Hiara Chocolate Point Female
Pet Owned By: Rosemary in St. Petersburg, FL
X-Quisit SiameseQGC X-Quisit Romeow of Chez-Chat
TICA Quaid Best Siamese SW Regional Winner
X-Quisit SiameseX-Quisit Skeeter
Chcoclate point female kitten 11 weeks old
Pet Owned By: Matt in Anchorage, AK
X-Quisit Siamese
X-Quisit SiameseSimba 10 weeks old. See above.
X-Quisit Siamese

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X-Quisit Siamese
Mary Vincent
(727) 446-7308