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Whimsical Moments Poodles

Where Whimsical Moments Last Forever

Whimsical Moments Poodles Meet Valentino!
He is a very dark red male that will be a future dad to many Beautiful Red Poodles! He is an absolute beautiful and sweet baby!

Hello and welcome to Whimsical Moments Poodles where Whimsical Moments "DO" Last Forever.
Home of Beautiful AKC Toy, Tiny toy and Teacup Poodles.

I am located in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas.

Whimsical Moments Poodles Elegant Ellie!
She is growing up fast! Such a Beauty!
Planning on puppies from Ellie and My Gorgeous Valentino in 2014!
Watch for their beautiful puppies!!!

Whimsical Moments Poodles A new picture of Ellie July 19, 2014. She is a tiny toy at 5 pounds now. She is a gorgeous dark red like our beauty Valentino! Look for their puppies on the fall!

My New Red Lines

Whimsical Moments Poodles Our Beautiful New Red Lines are producing some gorgeous babies!!! These are just a few of the ones we have sent to their forever homes! Keep checking back for the next litter of "Beauties"

Whimsical Moments Poodles Here is the nursery and sleeping area my poodles share all decked out in Purple, our favorite color. Each has their own sleeping quarters with bed, food and water and lovingly tucked in at night. I spend many hours with them drinking coffee and watching tv as well as just playing with them. This is also where they have their grooming area. We share many hours of joy in this playhouse! Right out the front door is where they run and play in the sun for hours!

I bought my first teacup poodle "CocoPuff" almost 14 years ago. Immediately I was in Love with the Poodle and especially the Teacup Poodle. She is a little Chocolate and Cream Phantom Poodle. Her Birthday is February 14th and so fitting for a little sweet chocolate delight.

As with Coco, I continue to strive to assure the good health and happiness of all my poodle moms and dads and Puppies!

I want all who come to me for a puppy to leave with a good experience and have a healthy, happy baby to love and cherish for many years to come.

All colors of poodles are wonderful! I have downsized this year and I am going to concentrate more on the Rich Red and the Apricot colors. Enjoy watching the future of many Beautiful Variations of the Red colors at Whimsical Moments Poodles!

Janice Stunkard
Tyler, Texas

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Janice Stunkard (903) 566-5460 / (903) 330-5853
Email: las-jrs@sbcglobal.net

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