Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
"Since 1956"
Celebrating Our 57th year!

Stockdogs Bred specifically to work cattle and sheep.

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ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel
Breeders and Handler of 2 - ASCA Supreme Champion Stockdogs,
1- ASCA Supreme Versatile Champion
and the winners of
27 ASCA Stockdogs Finals Championships
Home of
14 -WTCH's - Breeders of 59 - WTCH's
Breeder's of
25 - Hall of Fame Sire & Dams - 2 - PCH

Puppies, stud service, occasional started dog,
custom stockdog training lessons and stockdog clinics.

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
In Memory 9/11/94 - 7/5/11

WTCH,HOF 45 Ranch Wind Wolf DNAvp,PATDcs,RTDcs

WTCH,HOF Windsong's Falcon X WTCH,HOF The Sting of Twin Oaks

1999 ASCA CH Cattle Dog & High Combined Finals CH

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
Photo by DRDG Photograghy

WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf DNAvp RTD-cs PATD-cs
Hall of Fame Sire, 1999 ASCA Champion Cattle Dog.
1999 ASCA High Combined Finals Champion.

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds

Twin Oaks Poky Cody DNAcp OTD-cd STD-s HOF

Only Dam to Have Produced 2 ASCA Supreme Champion Stockdogs. WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson DNAvp RTDcs, RDX, HOF, all time winningest Stockdog Finals Winner, and WTCH The Bull Of Twin Oaks DNAvp, CD, RDX, RTDcs , HOF. Together both dogs have won 18 Finals Championships.

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
Photo by Sliding S Aussies

WTCH Twin Oaks Double M The Vin Man DNAvp

Blue merle c/w OFA#AS-27739G36M-NOPI
Cerf Clear,  HSF-4 n/n

Sire: WTCH Twin Oaks Raven DNAvp

Dam: Twin Oaks Cody's Look A Like DNAvp

Standing At Stud to Approved Bitches

Owner: Audrey Klarer - Handler: Sherry Baker

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
Photo by Dennis Krumpelman | Photo by Sliding S Aussies

WTCH Twin Oaks Black Bart II,DNAvp, PATDcs, OFTDs
3rd Place in 2012 ASCA Stockdog Cattle Finals &
4th High Combined 2012 ASCA Stockdog Finals

Black Tri c/w -OFA# AS-27198E32M-NOPI
Cerf clear, HSF-4 n/n, MDR1 n/n

Sire: WTCH, HOF Twin Oaks Billy The Kid DNAvp PATDs,RTDs

Dam: HOF, The Wind Storm Of Twin Oaks DNAvp

Standing at Stud to Approved Bitches

Owners/Handler Sherry Baker

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Litter Born: 4/28/13:
3 - Black tri Males , well marked
Working cross, line bred cross of HOF WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid DNAvp, RTDs,PATDs. Potential keen, smart stylish workers cattle, sheep.

Sire: WTCH Twin Oaks Black Bart II DNAvp, PATDcs, OFTDs OFA# AS-27198E32MNOPI Bart finished 3rd in the 2012 ASCA Cattle Finals and 4th High Combined, he is everything his sire and mother or grandparents are. He is a full brother to 8 WTCH's including Finals Champion WTCH Twin Oaks Phoebe PATDcs,RTDS,AFTDs, WTCH Twin Oaks Texas Tornado of Thatll'do, WTCH Twin Oaks Jet PATDcs,RTDcs, WTCH Twin Oaks Yankee Spirit Arrow PATDs, WTCH Twin Oaks Buccaneer RTDcs,PATDcs,AFTDcs, WTCH Twin Oaks Wildhorse Stormrider PATDcs, WTCH Twin Oaks Miss Kitty Stemen and more .

Sire's Sire: HOF,WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid DNAvp,PATDs,RTDs
Sire's Dam: HOF The Wind Storm of Twin Oaks DNAvp, STDcsd

Dam: Tritt Brica Back Of Twin Oaks DNAvp, OFA# AS-27741G52F-NOPI
Dam's Sire: Twin Oaks Bonafide Double Tuff DNAvp Full Brother To HOF, WTCH Twin Oaks Billy The Kid DNAvp,RTDs,PATDs.
Dam's Dam: Honey's Sweet Sea Biscuit DNAcp.

Litter Born: 5/14/13:
2 - Blue Merle Males
This litter is born to be cowdogs. Mother is Zippin. She has been in the finals past 3 years, all though a trial dog is not her best nitch, I would put her as the the top 3 most powerful bitches I have worked or witnessed in my lifetime with dogs. She is an incredible ranch cattle dog. This litter is sired by Scoot my young dog that is very keen, very biddable and a big circle. Should be some great pups. Sherry

Sire: Twin Oaks Skippity Scoot DNAvp,STD-s ( Scoot is a half brother to Bart,Jet,Phoebe,Tori,Yankee,Buccaneer,Badger,Kit all WTCH's) (above) and a full brother to Twin Oaks Cut To Fit ATDc, OTDsd
Sire's Sire: HOF,WTCH Andrews Tycoon.
Sire's Dam: HOF The Wind Storm of Twin Oaks DNAvp,STDcsd.

Dam: WTCH Twin Oaks Tuff Zippin DNAvp, PATDc OFA# AS-27196G58F-VPI
Dams Sire: HOF WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf DNAvp, PATDcs, RTDcs, 1999 ASCA CH Cattle Dog.
Dams Dam: HOF Twin Oaks Zippo Ruff-N-Tuff DNAvp) Watch for Zippin in this years ASCA Stockdog Finals Cattle.

Red Tri Male. Twin Oaks Red Brick Born: 6/21/11:
Potential all around working stock dogs, agility, breeding . Biddable.

Sire: Twin Oaks Wind Twister DNAvp (
Sires Sire:SVCH,VCH, WTCH,CH Windmill's Need For Speed DNAvp, JS-E, GS-E, RS-E (Zoom).
Sires Dam:Twin Oaks Cody Lookalike, dam of WTCH Double M The Vin Man DNAvp (pictured above)

Dam: Twin Oaks Ora's Oodo DNAvp, STDs OFA# AS-20448G33F - NOPI 1/2 sister to HOF, WTCH Twin Oaks A Spin N Jig Kit DNAvp, RTDcs, PATDcs, 2003 ASCA CH. Cattle Dog, & 4 other WTCH's.
Dams Sire:WTCH Twin Oaks II Turbo Booster DNAvp
Dams Dam: HOF Twin Oaks Ora Dell STDs DNAvp.

Twin Oaks Australian Shepherds
Photo by Susan Severns

WTCH Twin Oaks Tuff Zippin DNAvp, PATDc
Cerf Clear, HSF-4 n/n

Sire: HOF, WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf DNAcp RTDcs PATDcs

Dam: HOF Twin Oaks Zippo Ruff- N-Tuff DNAvp

Owner/Handler: Sherry Baker

Sherry Baker Clinic Dates

Nov.9 & 10 2013 Galt, CA.
April - 2014 Galt, CA

Contact: Sherry Baker

Twin Oaks Contacts:

Sherry Baker (209) 369-8899

Audrey Klarer (209) 369-3445

29300 Dry Creek Rd.
Galt, CA 95632

Other Contacts:

Muriel Hayes of Twin Oaks II
1120 Schaffran Rd.
Castle Rock, WA. 98611

Phone (360) 607-3232

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