We are Small Breeder raising beautiful, healthy, CFA Registered Persians. PKD Negative. Ringworm free. The kittens are raised in a private home setting in downtown Sacramento, California. Our kittens are healthy and well socialized, and usually ready to go at 12-16 weeks of age. This is when they are fully weaned from the nourishment of the mother's milk and have learned appropriate kitty behavior using the litter box and playing nicely with others. They will have completed age appropriate vaccines, dewormings and are microchipped. They are Champion sired or of Champion lines. Our treasured Persians are oftentimes what truly brings peace into a shattered life. They can be so much more than just a pet; they make magnificent companions, they are family! These Persians are being raised in Sacramento, California and are from several queens and sired by our own Champion male, by our beautifully natured stud of Champion bloodlines or a Champion sire of unrelated lineage.

Persians for Peace is in the process of becoming a 501c3. It is designed for people dealing with emotional issues including but not limited to PTSD, stress, suicide prevention, anxiety, autism, and shut-ins. As well as for people dealing with a variety of physical disability and challenges which can be mitigated with the assistance of a service animal. Those who cannot handle the load of a service dog may still benefit from an (in-home) service cat.
Sales of occasional kittens will cover related costs in providing quality cats to these people and salaries to persons dedicated to promoting the value of pets within the home, especially for the disabled and disadvantaged. Our organization is still setting the groundwork in place. We are bringing together a variety of persons as a joint effort. So far we are still in the early stages.
If you interested in being a part of the Persians For Peace program, please reach out to us! We appreciate your input.
FYI: We do already have quite a long list of qualified recipients waiting for our donated cats and kittens. You are welcome to add to the list, but right now, it is a long wait. This includes kittens, retiring cats and cats being rehomed.

It will be required to provide an occasional letter stating the benefits of the cat in your home, or a Doctor letter signifying the cat as an assistance animal which increases our documentation of where we are moving in our program.

It is important to us to continue to establish that these kittens have the ability to promote well-being through less stress, lowered blood pressure and other tangible and non-tangibles in the health-related field. For disabled, shut-ins, PTSD and depression sufferers the responsibility of a cat and a cat's quiet persistence can be the real difference maker.

Bobbi King (707) 337-9223

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