Kimmelot German Shepherds

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This is Xena, a Shasta x Apollo daughter at 6 months old, now living with Lane's Shepherds in the LA area.

Neutered ??? I thought you said we were going to get Tutored !!!!

Sampson LFR llka Amberfirestorm longcoat mama during nursing. (Goldie x Fero)

Tasha von Mars CD (Kimmelot's Taska Kantu x Kimmelot's Grand Sampson)

"Boomer" Nunally. (Velvet x Zar) Age 16 months.

Liberty (left) and Timber (right).

Have you hugged a Kimmelot dog today? LFR SAMPSON LOPEZ PTL at 1 year.
(LFR Redgold Jewel x Fero)

LFR SMOOTH MERLOT at 6 mos. 1st place show win. (LFR Mako Kantu x Ch. Schokrest San Diego)

Bravo at only 6 weeks. Can you believe this beauty and Sch drives too?

Bravo at 7 weeks old. Future stud and K9 or Sch. Available for $ 1500, stud rights reserved.

Many Kimmelot dogs are in the 2-3 range of personality and ability and able to do Schutzhund. While we don't breed for 1's, we do get about 50 % that will have the confidence and eager drives for sports.

Jan and Ruger LFR Rhonda ( LFR Champagne Celebration x LFR Elegant Evening Eli) x National Schutzhund Ch. Buck von der Phals Grandson

Remy Russel Goldie x Fero Caught sleeping with the cat. German Shepherds taught young get along well with other pets.

Shadow Bowers on his 2nd birthday
(Mako x Fero)

Daisy at about 5 weeks, on Dawn's couch with toy. Goldie by Eli.

Timber (95# "runt" from Goldie x Fero) choosing 2nd Kimmelot pup Halo to add to the Peter's family, in Dawn's front yard.

Todd family from AZ love their new puppy "Boomer".

KC 7 mos old.
(Velvet x Ryker)

Another Kimmelot / LFR Puppy learning that flying trot in the showring.

Justice and Otto.

LFR National Velvet x Ryker vom Mittelwest LFR These pictures were taken on May 21st and May 22nd, 2004. Ryker is now a year and 4 months old! He loves his new house and living in the woods!

The tulip picture is at a retirement center that we walk by often. The grounds are pretty and the folks there love ryker so we stop by now and again!

Lady and Honey.

Honey loves to clean Lady's teeth, yuk! Buster brown is in there too!

Mako and Fero.

Aura- Full Sister to Sarah Lee
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Gypsy Girl OFA Good Hips/Elbows ( Angel X Axel )
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Hotti ( Axel X Angel ) with Dale at Foster Freeze 2012

LFR Angel Kantu V Kimmelot ( Woodsides Envyme V Kimmelot X LFR Chika Barro ) OFA prelim Excellent
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Kimmelot's Sarah-Lee Kantu V Gray (Woodsides Envyme V Kimmelot X LFR Elegant City Girl Kantu )
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Hope and Axel with son Davis 2007

Timinia's Hope of Kimmelot OFAp Fair - Retired

Mako x Eli

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Kimmelots Liberty , CH Sired OFA Good

Kimmelots Liberty , CH Sired OFA Good

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