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Nick and Janelle Stever

Just wanted to drop you a line and send you a pic of the most beautiful GSD ever. Koda just turned a year old and is over 80 pounds and still has a lot of filling out to do. He is the best dog we ever owned. He is extremely intelligent and we are stopped everywhere we go with him by people that want to see him. He is a puppy from Freightliner and Infinite Lexus and we couldn't be more pleased. He is receiving his Hip checks shortly and we are interested in breeding so if you could pass us on to any interested parties that would be great. Thank you again for breeding such amazing and beautiful animals.


Thanks, Dawn. Susan's calling her right now to get the details. We are so excited!! Solomon is our pride and joy. Everyone comments on his beauty and size. He really is a presence, and so loving at the same time. We couldn't have asked for a better companion and friend. You have all done such a wonderful job at Kimmelot!


Charmagne and I are doing just fine she was 8 in July and is still as beautiful as ever. She is still the most beautiful and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of living with. I just went on your site. There is no mistaking where Charmagne came from. There is a couple on there that are her double. You sure breed beautiful dogs Dawn. I don’t like to think about it but when the time comes for me to get another dog I will be getting one from you.


I just wanted to send an email out to you to sat a huge Thank you once again for taking Sascha in exchange for Yokon. He is Perfect, we all love him. He is sweet, smart, funny, protective, everything I ever wanted in a dog. He fits rights in with us, sleeps in the bed and just instantly became one of the family. I can never thank you enough for helping us the way you have, the stress that was lifted when Sascha left and evertything else that Yukon has brought with him was a breath of fresh air. Please let the family who gave him up know that we love him and are taking the best care of him.

Breeders note: Sascha was another breeders higher drive female, who we re homed to a family who wanted more activity/ protection. This family wanted the typical calm natured Kimmelot dog.


Rambo Wolven , LA, Ca


Some things my Ryker does that makes me crack up:

He insists on carrying my purse to the car every time we go out, I can ask him to get either my purse or my makeup bag and he will get whichever one I ask for! He is so smart.

Here is a video of Ryk bringing my makeup to me.

Here are a bunch of photos of my Ryker!
Ryker last year for halloween. Photo 1 - Photo 2

Ryker the money bandit
(yes if you have money in your hand he grabs it then runs)

Ryker posing!

Ryker opening his xmas gifts from one of his aunts

I have more videos of him on a disk somewhere when I find them i'll upload them and send them to you! As always thank you so much for my precious boy!

Lindsey & Raiden & Tiki

Matt came along to herding class today so somebody could operate the camera and get some good pictures of Tiki! So, here's some pics of Tiki, doing her new found love in life, herding! She's fantastic at it, trainer even thinks she can be ready for her first trial in a few months. Can't wait. She now stands outside the sheep pens and barks and pulls and does everything to try and get me in there with her (she's surprisingly strong for a 55 pound puppy!) She doesn't understand that she has to wait in line! "I'm a princess, I don't stand in line!" Here's Tiki at 9 months old:

There is one thing that has started recently. Sometimes, (not always) he tends to pee (dribble) when he gets excited greeting people. :-) I'm sure he will grow out of it. He's getting socialized pretty well and likes to ride in my truck and meet people.

Just a little hard headed at times :-) Likes to chew on rocks...

A nice storm rolled in as we were starting to work, which dropped the temperature considerably and gave a nice cool breeze to work in, it was very nice. Didn't actually rain until we were pulling out of the driveway. The trainer said she was really too powerful of a dog to just work on 3 sheep, she had the sheep really stressed, and she said she really needed a bigger pen and more sheep next time, but there were a lot of dogs there, so the other pens and sheep we being used. Except for the sheep being held, but they were doing something, I forget what.

We had a UKC dog show yesterday, and another one tomorrow. She did great, got a reserve best female! Raiden won Best of Breed over some stiff competition! The judge LOVED him, absolutely gushed on and on about him. And no one seemed to notice Tiki'd had a hair cut :) She did manage to open up her crate and as I'm standing in the ring with Raiden, Tiki comes running in, so proud of herself for finding me! Ring steward had to hold her while we finished being judged. Silly puppy!

CH Kimmelot's ThunderGod - His Pedigree


CJust wanted to send a quick update on Maci (Ryker X Bella 10/28/03). The little, fat, fur ball that we picked from you is now a beautiful two year old. She is a confident, friendly, yet protective, sweet natured dog. We enjoy her a lot!


Hope all is well with you. Thought we would let you know how Ruger (LFR Kiara - (Mako x Fero) x Ryker) is doing. He continues to have heads turning wherever he goes. He is 99 lbs at 7 months and still growing. We call him our Gentle Giant. He is very loving with everyone. He sounds ferocious with his deep barking whenever someone he isn't familiar with comes on the property, which gives us great peace of mind. Once we introduce him to new people he is just great. If we are OK with them, he is too. Thanks for giving us a pup that is turning out to be everything you said he would be and everything we were looking for. Hope you enjoy these latest pictures of Ruger "Protected By Ruger NoKaOi".


Thanks, it's a lot of fun taking pictures of them. They are, indeed, filling our lives with joy and busyness, but we are loving every minute of it.


Mackabee is so well trained and he is huge. He is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. He loves animals and people. He is great and everyone loves him. I am now training the little dogs we have also. Hopefully we will have a house full of trained dogs. He was very easy to train and he is so smart. I am at work now but when I get some new great pictures of him I will send them on to you. He was at the desert the other weekend chasing motorcycles and he goes to the beach a lot also. He has a great life and is a happy, healthy wonderful dog.

Cheryl Wong

Last June we bought a Fero/Amy puppy which you called Little Fero. We named him Schuyler and he has grown up to be everything we could have wanted with his beauty, brains, and temperament. We are back in CA for a little while and would love to see Fero and Amy and your new puppies. Is it possible to schedule a visit? Eden and I are between places at the moment so the best way to reach us is by email. I am I look forward to hearing from you.

Cathie Gleason

Hi Dawn! My husband and I just wanted to let you know that Duchess is doing fine here in Chicago, we absolutely love her. She is actually at a facility in downtown Chicago for some additional training, socialization, etc. Everyone that sees her says that she is a beautiful puppy! She is 8 months old now and is wonderful to have around! The owner of the training facility that she is at now was asking about where we got her, he has a friend that just recently lost his seven year old Shepherd. Should I have them call you directly? Let me know. Thanks.


He has bonded to us overnight, slept in his kennel in our room the first couple of nights getting up to relieve himself two or three times a night. Friday was the tough day with him crying and demanding attention (which he occasionally got) all day. We moved his kennel into the office which will become his sleeping room and he cried most of the night. By Saturday he was over it all. No more crying and he has slept through the night every night since. I think he has only has had only one "accident" in the house since he's been with us. He responds immediately to going outside.

He is absolutely beautiful and growing like a weed. He knows his name and has already learned commands like "come" and "no bite". Last night when it was time to go to bed I opened the door to the office and said, "Come Koa. Let's go to bed" and he got up, walked into his kennel and curled up for the night. He is a great dog and we love him very much. I think (according to your web site) that "Lady" was his mother. I would greatly appreciate it if you could mail me her pedigree: Jim Maxon, Veteran's Memorial Park, Monterey, Ca., 93940. Thank you so much and we will keep you posted on Koa's progress.

Veronica and Mark

I bought a puppy from you in December for my boyfriend, Mark. We are completely smitten with our "Bart." What a great dog! Very easily trained and a great personality. He was housebroken within 2 weeks and has fetched since the day we brought him home. He walks great on his leash and is learning to sit, stay, etc. We get compliments all the time on how well behaved he is.

Traci Boyer

Just thought I'd check in with you. Today, the woman who bought a male puppy from the Freja/Fero litter brought him over for us to see. I can honestly say that he is the most amazing dog I have ever seen. He is absolutely beautiful and the vet she uses says he's the nicest GSD she has seen and wanted my number to give to clients for future litters. It really made me motivated to breed Ginger. Do you have a recommendation? Maybe I should get my own male?? What do you think? I would want a red/black, I think. How are your puppy sales? Take care! Best Regards, Traci Boyer

I like Ryker!!! Ginger should be in heat this spring. I believe she was in heat in Nov/Dec. Looks like it would be a great cross!!! Should I have her hips OFA certified first?

You really should put a picture of Max on your website, I'll get one for you. The things he does is amazing. He does laundry, stacks wood, brings the phone when it's ringing, gets the paper, won't go to bed unless his teeth are brushed, brings his Mom a blanket and pillow every night when she's on the couch and he jumps 6 ft to catch a frisbee! I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, the list just went on & on. Also, the one female pup I sold went into duty at the police dept. Apparently, she is their top search & rescue and cadaver dog.

You truly have done a wonderful job, Dawn. Cindy, the woman who bought Max would like your number so I'll be sure to get it to her. She wants a red/black male, I'm sure she would love your pups!!!


I have a beautiful female from Fero and Ruby. Sister Rose is nearly a year old now. She received top honors in her Good Family Manners class from Top Notch. We recently moved to the foothills and I have received many many compliments on her looks and personality...she is the only long hair/black mask of the litter, anyway I was curious as to what other members of her line looked like since she is so different is why I checked out your website. My husband and I would like another puppy but not at this time as our older male (11) just couldn't handle raising another puppy at this stage in his life......anyway, I did see many 'resemblances' to Sister (not to mention the great personalities of all your progeny that are so similar) I had hoped to 'meet' Ryker before we moved but couldn't coordinate Ruby's season with the move! Anyway, just wanted you to know that you have another fan of your beautiful GSD's, also if you have any photo's of where Sister got her unique looks I'd! Love to see where she came from....(she looks more like Ryker, except that she is mostly black, long haired and roached back and has his low slung backend) Shirley and I keep in touch and she has forwarded pics of Sister's littermates to us and I in turn have sent her pics of Sister...we are both impressed at how different and beautiful Sister is....anyway, just thought I'd let you know.


I just can't thank you enough for my gorgeous little Raider! He is just perfect and then some! When I think I picked out my own dogs for 20 years and never came close to the quality of this pup I could just scream at myself! From now on I will get my pups from you as you absolutely filled my request to a "T". I asked for big and I got big. I asked for black and tan and got black and tan. I asked for a 3-4 and that is what I got! Not only is this puppy gorgeous to look at, but smart as a whip! His personality is wonderful! Loves anything that moves and doesn't flinch at anything including the vacuum cleaner! He is loving life right now and we are too! After losing both my dogs and waiting 6 months for a puppy I am in seventh heaven with this little guy! You were right to tell me to wait for the right one. This one is the right one! The cats can't quite figure out what he is yet. They know he has 4 legs, a tail, and ears, but once he barks they are in awe! They are coming around though!

For anyone out there who is the least bit skeptical about getting a dog that they have never seen-relax! You are in good hands, believe me. I really worried about him being shipped! First, he went from California to Atlanta and then to Philadelphia where I picked him up at the cargo area. He was right on time. I was shocked when I saw him. I looked like ten miles of bad road and he looked like he came out of a groomers!! No mess to clean up except a newspaper that was wet. His paperwork, instructions, even toys , food, and water were included. He has adjusted like he was born here! If anyone ever is in doubt please feel free to give them my phone number here in New Jersey and I will answer all the questions I drove you crazy with! I do appreciate the time and effort you spent and as far as I am concerned you walk on water! I will send pictures as soon as I can. Thanks again, Jinny Stefanko, East Windsor, NJ 08520


He is doing great! Apollo has totally bonded with Sharise. He sleeps on her bed at night and the first night he went outside 3 times. Last night he went out once. Potty training is going well. My son had a friend spend the night last night and Apollo didn't like a stranger in the house this morning. He is very protective already. We adore him and he is fitting in just great. He is going to meet our Vet today to be weighed and just checked over. I must say I love how mellow he is but very aware of things. He looks for my Sharise after she leaves for school and when he can't find her he follows me around instead. We will keep you posted and send pictures soon. Thanks again for our precious pet.


I will go to Costco and get that food, in Modesto Forrest went to Stockton, didn't have it. It is so funny you mention search and rescue. I thought a fun way to start training him, would be to have him play hide and seek with the kids, he found them every time! He is extremely intelligent, already sits, fetches. Whatever you suggest I will follow even though it was a short visit. Your dogs were beautiful and the temperaments of the big guys we saw were the best of any I've seen. I will bring pictures when I come. The second check will clear on the 13th so hopefully we can come the 15th or 16th (Sat. or Sun). I heard you mention antibiotics in case they were eating the cat stuff. What was the name of the type I should get? I will also order the vitamins! Also, he has no fear of climbing! The kids have a tent with a tube attached, he goes right in there!! Anyways, thanks again.

Harold & Rolyne Wiegand

We need an address would like to send pictures. also Sandy said you may have some names of trainers in our area. He is a great companion and loves people we are still having problems with him coming to us. We would like to get some fine tuning so he will not get into trouble. He seems to be very smart and loves attention. He was one great big surprise for a birthday present. Thank you.

I'm going to send you and your x-husband some pictures of Angel. When I get them developed. I really like her a lot she is the best dog I have ever had. All of your dogs are real nice and they are beautiful.


Hi! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Bear had a wonderful Christmas with Eliza and I. He is such a wonderful dog. We took him to my parent's on Christmas day for Christmas dinner and an oyster roast. We were not sure how Bear would act around so many new people, but he was great! He thoroughly enjoyed the oyster roast and being around all the excitement.

Sorry, It has taken so long to get back with you. We just got the software installed today with the help of the system administrator, finally! So look for updates often. I took a bunch of pictures before the software was available that I have erased, but I am happy to mail you some, if you are interested send me your home mailing address. Please let Dawn know how things are with Bear and how pleased we are with his temperament. The time she spent listening to our needs and helping us match the right personality with our family was priceless.

A quick story about our little man. My fianc Eliza and I live together and Eliza works out of our home. One morning she was getting ready after showering when some suspicious looking man appeared at our front door, keep in mind Bear is only 11 weeks old at this point. We also have a little stray dog we took in named peanut. Well Eliza and Peanut hid in the closet, but not Bear. He went to the front hallway and stood there staring at the front door growling at this man. It was so cute and comforting at the same time.

We know Bear is perfect for our family and we feel good about the bloodline and the distinguished lineage he has. It is difficult to make a purchase from across the country, sight unseen; however we could not be more pleased with Bear. I wish you a lot of success with your kennel. Also, I would appreciate it if you would forward this message to her. Take care and I will be in touch with more pictures soon.



C. Morris

A very nice Lexus wagon pulled over next to me while I was out walking Vadar and asked about him. They were VERY impressed and thrilled to see a GSD that wasn't so over-angulated (more German line look with straight back).

Last night one of my vets asked where we got him. She has a client whose shepherd is at the end of his life and going downhill. I gave her one of your brochures (I keep them in my glove box). So maybe someone else from the Napa area will call you in the future. I'd be more than happy to be a reference for you and show off my beautiful dog if they ask. Keep up the good work !!!


Absolutely, Heidi is extremely loving, smart, beautiful and easy to train. I have to admit I have done very little to train her and she does very well. Once in a while she may sneak over to the neighbors and won't come when she is called but otherwise her personality is unbelievable. No, we don't want to bring her back, we have been trying to decide just what to do.

Matt Taylor (and Kathleen and Kayla)

Thank you so much for allowing us to receive Tasha. Every day we marvel at what a wonderful dog and outstanding companion that she has become to our family. Thank you so much! I find it amazing how protective Tasha is of our now 4 year old daughter Kayla. Tasha refuses to leave her side if someone is in the house fixing something, or is perhaps someone that she does not know. We never fear having her around other children from 1 month to 3 years old as she always seems to instinctively understand that these little ones need gentle care and she loves to be explored and petted by these little fellow creatures. We have recently had a huge snow storm in Denver and our daughter put some pictures up at her web site that include Tasha playing in the deep snow. You can view the pictures at Kayla's site located at: Thanks again, and we are now considering another puppy from you, a male to help keep Tasha company. Have any suggestions? :)

Sam & Aniela

Well, just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much. You and Whisper have made our day(s). We decided to name the pup Takoda (it means friend to all in Native American). So far he is doing well he likes to run around and we've managed to catch him every time he's started to go potty in the house. By the way, he is a gorgeous lil' feller. Once again thank you sooooo much. We will send you pics and updates. Have a nice week.
P.S. We gave Whisper some pics of Aeros in case you wanted to see how he turned out.

Haynes Maier

It has been awhile since our last email and I thought I would update you on Georgia! As you know when I got her in March of 2001, I was living in Texas. We (Georgia and I) just recently moved to North Carolina. She is beautiful!! Everywhere we go people stop me to tell me what a beautiful dog she is!! She is very loyal to her family, not showing any signs of aggression, not dominating, but curious, careful and very watchful. She loves to watch out the window for me to come home!! She has so much personality - she is constantly prancing around the house with toys showing them off and trying to get attention from anyone. I can't tell you how many times a day I just watch her and laugh at her spunk!! Don't you wish we could hear what they're thinking?!?!?

Hope all is well in California. It's cold and wet here. I am expecting a baby in July (my first) and I really wanted to know if you had some advice for me so that it will be positive for Georgia when the baby comes home. I am a little worried because Georgia has always been the center of my attention, and I don't think she is going to like not being the apple of my eye anymore. What do you think? Thanks again for such a sweet, beautiful dog!!


Again I cannot tell you how much we love our "Ilka", She is so very smart ( way too smart! ), she will do anything to please. I am so GLAD that I have had the opportunity to have her in my life, and could not imagine my life without Ilka. I really have to thank you, for the guidance you had offered me through the past couple of years. SHE IS THE BEST. I'll try to get a photo with her ears She is excelling in tracking, and is also working @ her herding. Our personal trainer has done nothing but rave about how confident, sound and intelligent she is. All I can say is THANK YOU!


Good Morning Dawn! The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. They arrived on time last night and are currently exploring the backyard. I can't tell you how happy I am to finally have them here. I'll write more later but have to get back to the puppies now. They are wonderful! Thanks again for everything. Talk to you later!


He is doing so very well. Just one question. We have a dog run that I like to train the dogs to go potty on. This is totally foreign to him. He prefers the grass. Any suggestions to get him to go on the run so we don't have to go looking for land mines as he gets older. Love him to pieces already!!!


Hi Dawn! Thanks for the suggestions! They are both on super premium food, NuVet plus supplements and vitamin C. I was giving them 500mg, but will increase it to 1000mg. I've made sure that no one played with his ears since they hadn't gone up yet, but I will try petting them up and I'll start him on the gelatin and cottage cheese today. The two of them have been playing really rough, so I will keep that down for a while. Roxy is going to be spayed on Friday, so that should help with keeping them apart since she'll have to keep quiet for about 5 days. I can't tell you how happy I am with the dogs. They are both so wonderful. Will send pictures as soon as I get the software loaded on my computer.


Hi Dawn! Thanks for the suggestions! They are both on super premium food, NuVet plus supplements and vitamin C. I was giving them 500mg, but will increase it to 1000mg. I've made sure that no one played with his ears since they hadn't gone up yet, but I will try petting them up and I'll start him on the gelatin and cottage cheese today. The two of them have been playing really rough, so I will keep that down for a while. Roxy is going to be spayed on Friday, so that should help with keeping them apart since she'll have to keep quiet for about 5 days. I can't tell you how happy I am with the dogs. They are both so wonderful. Will send pictures as soon as I get the software loaded on my computer.

Jackie, John & Ruger

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Ruger. He is everything we wanted in a German Shepherd Pup. Our vet said he is fabulous, loves his even temperament and would love to have him for herself. She asked us where we got him. Everyone who sees him is impressed by his looks and his size. He is very gentle, a sort of mellow guy, yet he is very smart and knows when to bark and be alert too. He is going to be a gentle giant but also a great protector when he needs to be. He weighed 55 lbs already last week. He is so curious about everything and is a real joy. He is doing great with our son's Springer Spaniel and our grandchildren love him almost as much as we do. He wants to be at my side whatever I am doing, and I love him deeply already, I would be lost without him. He sleeps 9 hrs at night without a whimper. I could go on but I'm sure you can tell we are thrilled with him. He is No Ka Oi!!!

Gail Williams

This is a very belated letter, however, you just wouldn't believe how much we all love Reilly. He is a beautiful puppy with such a wonderful personality. Say nothing about how smart he is!!! The shipping process, though is scared me, was very efficient . Reilly was safe and boy... was he a happy one to meet me! I do think our bonding was very special with me meeting him and holding him in my lap all the way home.

Reilly will go in for his 16wk check-up on Tuesday. I can't wait for the vet to see him! I bet he will weigh 34lbs. AND HIS EARS were up today! The puppy class that we have enrolled Reilly ,well what can I say except that he is the star. The trainer wants us to go right into basic obedience training and then we'll see where we go from there! so... I will keep you informed about Reilly's progress and growth. I can't say thank-you enough for selecting this great puppy for us. If you are ever in the Chicago area, please come over and see Reilly. Did you get the crate back and also the pictures? Of course, he has really changed and is silky sleek black. He is getting a little brown on his shoulders but boy he is beautiful!!

Gail Williams

Well.. he is 35.6lbs. and the vet just kept saying how beautiful he is! I'm going to go to the dog show here in Chicago in a couple wks. I'm new at this ..any suggestions...but would like to know the procedure to show him, age, etc. Is there a web site that I can search out these answers? Thanks.

Gail Williams

Just a quick note that Riley is doing really well. He has such a wonderful personality and loving. He is such a beautiful puppy and I'm falling more for him each day! Loki is also starting to play with him. He even look concerned while we were at the vet's last week. So.. cute. His left ear went up today too. I'll send some pictures, haven't gotten to a scanner yet. Just thought you'd like an update......

Gail Williams

The vet loved him! Said "oh my!! he is so beautiful and BIG too. I'm going to sign him up for puppy class ( I hope) starting the 7th of Jan. Can't wait to start with him in a class situation. HE"LL Shine!! Couple of shots and will be rewormed in three wk., but all was great. 15.7lbs. so.. will send a picture or two when I get a scanner ( humm..santa??)


This is Shell, Stella's mom. Stella is my 5.5 month old puppy I got from you, Daddy Ryker, Mommy Bella. I have Stella's website up and running with lots of pictures of her for you to see. There are 2 pages worth. Hope you enjoy it. I am so enjoying my baby girl, she is such a sweetheart and we are joined at the hip :o) Let me know what you think of her site.

F. Jason Smith

Hi! I hope all is well with you and your family. I hope you all had a great Christmas. I wanted to give you an update on our boy Bear. First, let me say I can not tell you how happy we are with this puppy. I have owned labs and golden retrievers all my life and had some misgivings about the temperaments of German Shepherds. I have had many awesome dogs with great temperaments; however, I believe Bear is probably the most intelligent of all the dogs I have ever owned and has as good a temperament as any dog I have ever owned. We love him! He has even stolen my fiancs heart who as you will recall certainly had misgivings.

I really appreciate you taking the time to understand our needs and help match the right personality with us. Bear is already proving himself to be a great protector and companion. We look forward to having this dog in our family for years to come.


Just to let you know we are joining the Grand Canyon German Shepherd Dog Club. They have training and great advantages of belonging. We are going to work boomer so that we can show him in obedience and agility! Everyone loved him & said HE IS GOING TO BE BIG!! They also could tell right away he was from German lines and loved his confidence. Since he is not 16 weeks and had his shots he had to stay on the picnic bench and could not be social with the other dogs.( I have to tell you he is very vocal for a male!!! :) I guess he would have to be living in a house dominated by females.) On the picnic bench he just barked and barked as if saying Hey I am over here Look at Me!!!! The members wanted to know where we got him and the breeders name THEY COULD NOT GET OVER HOW HANDSOME HE IS! (I think he knows it too)! We will keep you informed. Thanks again.


Catalina is adjusting very well. Just after talking to you yesterday and getting her to eat a major change started. She is running around wants to be with someone all of the time. Her progress is faster that I had expected. I am sure she is going to be just fine. Cat & Linda have already bonded. Cindy, my niece Jen, & myself are also getting along good with her. Enclosed are two pictures the first night here, she was very happy to sleep where you see here in the picture. She is currently sitting in Linda's lap in the pink blanket. She tell us where to pet her by positioning that part of her body under your hand and move around. Thank you for a wonderful companion for Linda!!!

Chris, Kathy, Cory, Nick & Tasha VanWarmedam

We bought a puppy from you this last year in August her name was Nana (we've changed it to Tasha). She is such a beautiful dog & we love her so much. We are going thru obedience classes now & start another set of classes in Jan. Also we have registered her with the AKC.

Anyway, we wanted to know about breeding her when its time the vet said around 2 years old once we have had her OFA certification done. We wanted to know exactly what would be involved with the breeding process. You had mentioned that we could bring her back to you & you would find a mate/stud for her. If you could e-mail us some information or refer us to a website or books that we could find out some more info we would appreciate it.


Catalina is adjusting very well. Just after talking to you yesterday and getting her to eat a major change started. She is running around wants to be with someone all of the time. Her progress is faster that I had expected. I am sure she is going to be just fine. Cat & Linda have already bonded. Cindy, my niece Jen, & myself are also getting along good with her. Enclosed are two pictures the first night here, she was very happy to sleep where you see here in the picture. She is currently sitting in Linda's lap in the pink blanket. She tell us where to pet her by positioning that part of her body under your hand and move around. Thank you for a wonderful companion for Linda!!!

Yes, he is extremely fast. He actually caught up with a deer! I had to call him back and he came right back to me. He will only cuddle up with me and takes very little affection from anyone else! He's my big boy! He has a massive chest and he hasn't filled out yet! We are going up north in a few minutes where he can swim (wade)-he won't swim yet and dig for gophers! The vet and groomer say he's the best Shepherd they have ever seen! Thinking of a playmate for him but it would make it extremely difficult to travel or go to my parents cabin.

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