Kimmelot German Shepherds

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Dan, Raquel, Garrett, and Gavin

Hi guys, just thought we'd let you know that Gunnar had a great first night! He used his waste area several times and is napping in his crate right now. He seems to be adapting to his new home very well. Thanks again for a gorgeous, well socialized pup! We'll keep you posted with some future pictures, thanks again!


Here is a better picture of Elsa. I think that she looks like her father . We were in a Christmas parade.

Elsa Von Braden

My name is debbie and we bought one of Inga's dog. Axel was the sire and princess is the mom. I just wanted to show you what a beautiful dog we have .

Lindsey, Raiden, and New Champion Tiki

Dated 9/28/2008: This weekend Tiki finished her UKC championship! She did so under an ex-AKC breeder judge who also gave her a group 2! He loved her, said she almsot won the group but she was horsing around a bit and kept trying to bite my ankles when we were going around the ring. (She also got 2 more group 2s the next 2 days). All the judges commented on how gorgeous she was and how she was so nicely built compared to most german shepherds in the show ring today with their crippled looking butts. I didn't show Raiden because poor Tiki hasn't been able to beat him, which is why she's not been finished before now. I did trim up her fluffy ears a little bit, but for the most part she showed in her natural coat, which is no where near as long as most other coated shepehrds I've seen! In fact, one of the judges this weekend insisted she wasn't fully coated, but more of a 'plush' coat instead. We took a picture of her win, but we asked the photographer to hold the picture for us until we move (next week- we're getting closer!) so it'll be a few weeks before I can scan it (so you can put it on your website!).

I'll have to send you picture of this house after we get it set up. We're building a wooden fence and some dog runs and we're converting the garage into a dog room/ training room. And I'm going to be raising another guide dog puppy (hoping for a german shepherd!) and we've been giving a lot of thought to breeding Tiki on her next heat. We're not decided yet. Her hip/elbow and cerf eye exams all turned out well, Matt wants puppies (cause he doens't have to do all the work!) and I think he wants a schutzhund dog of his own, so...maybe. Not sure yet.

Shell Ford

This is Shell Ford, Mama to Stella Estasi. I hope you remember Stella & me.

This is the hardest letter I have ever had to write. Today I sent my precious, beautiful, love of my life, soul mate to heaven. Stella had kidney failure and so today I let her go. It was the hardest thing to do. She was my baby, she was the most perfect baby girl. She gave me so much love, happiness, & an incredible sense of security. She in so many ways saved my life. I don't know what I'm going to do without my baby girl. She tried so hard to hold on for me. We tried so hard to make her better. If I would have had the money I would have tried a kidney transplant for her. She so deserved the best!

Dawn, I know I've told you in the past how greatful I am to you for my Stella. But words can not express my gratiude to you. There will never be another baby like my Stella. She was just so amazing, so perfect. She never did anything wrong. Not even when she was a puppy. She only chewed up one of my pairs of shoes and that was it! Her favorite toy was a tire off of a scooter my son used to have.

I don't think there is or will be another puppy as wonderful as my Stella was. I am going to miss her so much for a very long time. It just isn't fair. I was so not ready for her to leave me, I love and needed her so much. We were supposed to have many more years together, but I guess her time on earth was to be short, way to short.

There is so much I could say about my baby girl, but there are just no words to explain all she is & was to me and everyone she meet.

So Dawn, again, Thank you so much for giving me the best friend, love of my life soul mate. I was truly blessed and lucky to have her love me the way she did.

I am sharing a few pictures of my beautiful girl with you.

"My little Stella Estasi"
August 5, 2002 - October 27, 2008
Loved with all my heart and forever missed.....


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Joey Racano

Here's my boy!!!!!!!!
Did anyone say, stud service???

Carol Duffert

I have to share with you again, I have been taking Heidi in to the doggy stores with me, I had her with me on Saturday to get their pet food which I feed them now Wellness, she loves going and everyone makes such a fuss over her, “what a gorgeous German Shepherd, where did I get her” I always give them your name and the website to look at the other dogs. This one gentlemen came up to me, actually help me put the litter for the cats in my basket, he had such a fit over her, he said to me “she is just beautiful” again I gave him you name and website, he said she has such a great temperament, I said yes that this is one of things that the breeder specializes in is their temperament, he wouldn't let us go, he even ask me if I would be willing to sell her to him, I said no way, she is my baby and besides she was a gift from my son for my birthday, I told him I would never consider any such thing, he said I can see that, she goes everywhere with you, I said pretty much she does, so he might get in touch with you, I not sure but he really wanted Heidi so I told him he could get one through you.

Whisper, she has grown to be so special, she is a great dog and so smart and beautiful, she is a love, I truly enjoy her and hate being away from her when I have to go to work, I just love spending my time with her. Thank you again for such a loving and wonderful companion, she is great.

I haven’t seen her picture on the website yet, I guess you are busy, I will have to send you a another picture of her, she is really filling out great.


Hey HAY hey- Hope all is well, called U tonite, quarter to ten, too late, Im sure. Sorry. Just wanted to talk. Im in San Diego doing cool stuff-

just want to tell you about Lobo- he's really really big. He is really taking over. He dont let the other dogs do BOO without him herding them and such. He is LOVED. He is soooooo smart- he wanted the scraps out of the bottom of a can of dogfood so he took the can, dipped it in the bucket laid it down and licked out the contents. He went to a friends home and brought her a blanket. No one understood till he sat on her livingroom chair, he was like, "cover the chair, I wanna sit in it" we cover all ours in the RV.

U believe that stuff?

He is a bad ass, so very gorgeous. his red spot on top of his head is gone, hes got webbed feet hes an amazing swimmer. He notices things like birds and planes, he watches over his grandpa champion like a hawk- when I help champ out of the RV Lobo gets the other side and together we lift him down to the ground.

Lobo is so wonderful and big and scary looking. He is prone to a bit of a frenzy when we play ball, etc he is 'snappy', and can be dangerous. I freakin love it. There is simply no keeping up with him at almost 7 months. He never steps in the street. Very well trained loves kids, U did such a good job w/him I always brag...Im not sure, but he must be 75- 80 pounds. Hell be 7 mos Oct 7th He'll be way over 100lbs Loves to bark out the window of our car, police dog tendancies, big bark. Rides w/ head through the sun roof. Everyone loves him. Eats like his daddy, still getting the Vit C

Ill send a pic I took tonight

So hard to photo because of his color His head is FREAKING ENORMOUS and I mean that. Hes like his daddy, perpetual H-on I think he will make a great stud.

Hope to hear from ya soon-

check out my new website ESM

love joey xoxoxo


I just have to tell you that our dog trainer cannot stop commenting on how wonderful Zero is! She said that in the fifteen years that she's been working with dogs, she's never met a more mellow and even tempered German Shepherd; she said that usually they're incredibly high strung and nervous, and she said Zero is an incredible, remarkable dog. Of course I glowed when she said that, and credited a large part of that with our fabulous breeder! Zero is the greatest. He went swimming today for the first time and took to it beautifully, of course.

Mr. Mavrick (Soda X Woodsides Envyme V Kimmelot) Knight Family Stockton, Ca.


This weekend at the Big Sky Schutzhund Club in Bozeman, Montana Raiden got his BH schutzhund degree under judge Nathanial Roque! Now, time for his schutzhund 1 next! Lindsey & Raiden Raiden at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

Derrick Olzack

Mavrick , dark & handsome (Soda X Woodside Envyme V Kimmelot ) ask about stud service Owned by Derrick Olzack of Merced, Ca.

Jason Herring and family

Whisky ( Hope X Chaos ) loved by Jason Herring and family in Loomis, Ca.


Just wanted to thank you for such a GREAT dog.. We could not be happier...Elly is such a good girl and so protective of us :) She is also beautiful....a perfect blend of Axel and Hope...beautiful

Again.. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Evan was sick about a month ago and Elly was by his side the whole time.. She would not leave him for anything...Such a good dog!

Leash trained within 4 walks...perfect sit stay come...the only thing we struggle with is her nipping. She has a strong herding instinct and I for the life of me cannot figure out how to calm it down.. LOL If you have any suggestions, I'd try about anything...


Here are a few pictures of me and Jerry Lee. He is a 5 month old German Shepherd and weighs 45 pounds. The vet says his ears will come up in the next month, or she will tape them. She says they are just so big and his head has not grown into them yet.

Breeders note: Jerry Lee will ex-sheriff deputy, Brian's assistance dog, everyone is impressed how as a young puppy he was confident, and showed no fear or aggression about new places , people or things, and how he is devoted to Brian preferring to stick near his wheelchair. Kimmelot dogs make ideal therapy and assistance dogs due to their calm, devoted, and intelligent natures.


Here are a few pictures of Blaze w/ Emily at 3 months (26-27 lbs & approx 17" high ). He is enrolled in a puppy class (clicker training) and is doing great! Housebreaking was a snap. Only 1 accident.

There is one thing that has started recently. Sometimes, (not always) he tends to pee (dribble) when he gets excited greeting people. :-) I'm sure he will grow out of it. He's getting socialized pretty well and likes to ride in my truck and meet people.

Just a little hard headed at times :-) Likes to chew on rocks...


Hi Whisper,
Thought you would like to see a couple of pics of Jedi and brother Maximas. We got together for the first time on Sunday and they had a great time playing.


Duke and Roxy - Gypsy X Chaos 2007

Lindsey & Raiden & Tiki

I'm pleased to announce that Raiden and Tiki both passed their CERF eye exams today with flying colors. Tiki's eyes were perfectly clear, and Raiden has a few ocular spots (he gave me a very long drawn out name for it, I couldn't remember even if I'd written it down!). The vet said the spots are normal, he sees them all the time and in 99% of cases they never get any bigger and it wouldn't preclude him from getting a CERF "free of herditary problems" certificate, so YAY!

The Sled Team-Matt, Raiden & Tiki

Yes, that's right! German sled dogs. Who said sled dogs always had to be huskies and malamutes? We got lots of snow today, so Matt and I decided (ok, I decided and then twisted his arm) to take the dogs sledding! We only had a plastic tobaggin and some leather harnesses and leashes, so it was a jerry rigged operation, but it worked for the most part. Every time we stopped Miss Tiki would start barking and spinning in circles to be going again, so we'd have to untangle her. Matt took the first few rides (and subsequent spills) until we got the whole thing figured out. The dogs enjoyed every minute of it and we got quite a few odd stares from people driving by.

To see video go here: The videos are choppy because we had to run after each other to get any good video, but you can get some entertainment and see Matt fall off once. I tried to upload the least choppy ones. Despite 18 layers of clothes we were soaking wet and frozen stiff after half an hour so we had to call it quits. And of course, we got the truck stuck in a snowdrift (maybe I shouldn't have parked it in one?) so getting it out was an adventure.


She just LOVES it. The last day of class when we got there, she went through that yellow tunnel at least 8 times while we were standing there waiting for class to start. Then at one point, she went halfway thought, turned around, stuck her head out to make sure I was watching, then turned and went back through it. THEN she discovered that if she turned around and went in the way she came out, she could get two run-throughs for the price of one. They even filmed her one week for a little local commercial for the trainer! Now I just need to get pictures of Raiden at schutzhund. He's doing so great! He's been doing the bite work for about 4 weeks now and everyone loves him. He's almost ready to take that BH test this spring, we just started all his off leash stuff on the field and his dumbbell retrieves as well. And tracking! I've had three people offer to buy him. Last weekend someone had a litter of shepherd puppies in the clubhouse that I was on the floor playing with and our trainer said he'd buy me two of those puppies if I'd give him Raiden. I told him to get lost. I really need to get some pictures or video.

Connie Knight

Just wanted to send you a updated picture of our Maverick. He is a Soda/Boomer baby. He'll be one in Feb. 2008. He's a GREAT dog and we LOVE him a lot!

Hope all is well for you guys there. Here is a picture I took at Bodega Bay of Maverick and my little girl Caitlyn. He's such an awesome dog!

Christy Peterman

We bought our dog from you about a year ago and just wanted to send you a picture of Bubba! He's doing great and has a great personality! He likes to use his paws a lot! You'll see why, he's very long legged! I was looking at the new puppies and decided to send you an update! Thanks a lot Christy Peterman and Kids!

Kevin & Kathi Ricks

Thought you might like to know how my girl Jessie is doing. She is a GREAT puppy. Smart, intuitive and loving. We took her on a trip to Montana with us and she did great! She is 24weeks old and smart!!! Been working on teaching her "gentle" and she is doing great! Here is a picture of her in Montana it is only a week old so it's very recent. She is doing well happy and healthy. Her and my 3yr old Labrador are best buds and play all day long. They are funny they tease each other with rawhide bones and balls love to watch it they are really funny. Her affection includes of course licking but she loves to nibble on your ear lobs and it is sooo funny. She is a house/outdoor dog mostly in house with us. Thought you might like to see how she looks now. Slowly getting color on her face she is gorgeous.

Jennifer Miller

I am a proud owner of two GSD’s one from you and The Millers and one from Whisper… I periodically check in on the website and take a look at any new pups… I notice you have an album titled Pet Resort… do you run a doggy camp? Here’s some current pics of our dogs… thank you for blessing us with wonderful pets!!

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