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Hello Whisper,

Cato will be two next month. He's Super smart, alert, strong and is very affectionate. Thank you for bringing him into our family.

Ms. Joyner

Hello Whisper,
Here are some of the photos taken of Roxie and grandchildren, on last Thursday. That was the first time they had seen him. We have more, but I could not get them pulled up.


Hello Whisper,
Hope everything is well. Here is a fairly recent picture of Sienna at the Carson River.


Hello Whisper,
Cato is doing great and is handsome as ever. Here,s a recent photo. Hope all is well. We initially did the normal puppy training classes and at the age of 6 months we got him into a 6 month obedience training. He's doing very well. When I get a chance I will send you a video clip of him showing out what he knows.

Christopher Martini

Hello Whisper,
My name is Christopher Martini and 8 years ago I purchased a german shepherd puppy from you.

I am just writing to let you know how thrilled I am with my dog...His name is Gibson.

I think we actually spoke on the phone about him once, several years ago....but that may have been a dream I had.

To be honest Dawn, the last few years have been tough and I have had a number of medical challenges. I was in a car accident, which ultimately required spinal surgery and a long rehabilitation. When I was back to feeling healthy, I was jogging and Gibson and I were hit by a car that ran a stop sign. It was terrible...but both Gibson and I are ok. I needed surgery on my knee but Gibson was fine. I even think that he got hit harder than I did.

I honestly don't know how my fiance and I would have made it through the last few years without this dog. I know that I might sound like a bit of a dog nut, but I have to tell you that we are not the only ones who feel this way about Gibson. Obviously, my fiance Vanessa is a big fan...but our whole town loves him. We live in Berkeley and so many people know him that he is a bit of a local celebrity. So many parents have thanked me for letting Gibson be their childs first 'big dog' experience because he is so great with kids. If another dog of any size barks or growls or snaps at Gibson...he could care less. He has the most incredible temperment of any dog I have ever had...or met. :-)

I have attached a picture that was taken at the local Peets Coffee shop in Berkeley, which is the original Peets location. It is from last month when Gibson was selected as Customer of The Week. They took his picture and had it up at the register for the week with a brief bio. My fiance and I got free drinks for the week because we are HIS best friends. I walked in and I heard the person behind the counter say, "Oh, there he is." Then another said, "I am just about to go on break, do you want me to get the camera?" Now, the funny backstory is that I had told my fiance when we moved to Berkeley a year ago that I was going to be customer of the week someday. So I said, "Camera, what for?" Trying to be coy...and the manager said, "We made your dog customer of the week."

Very funny and made the family very proud.

Just thought you would like to know. :-)

Hello Whisper,
I was going through old pics and when I came across this one of Lily I thought you might like an update on one of your puppies.

Lily is almost 7 months old now and it is impossible to imagine life without her. We all love her so and she is full of personality as well as being beautiful to look at. She's almost 40 pounds and very well proportioned, although she is still growing into her bat ears (v. cute). The vet is pleased that she is growing steadily but not getting too big too soon as he says that's gives her a better prognosis for a long, healthy life without joint problems. She's very active and we walk and play a lot. We are pretty much with her all day and she has lots of friends when we go out. She has her bed with Dave and me (we swore she never would but she decided otherwise!).

She has graduated puppy class and will do some more advanced obedience in a while. Her trainer modifed the agility course to eliminate jumping and she loves that play experience. Learning comes easily to Lily and she even brings in the papers in the mornings. She was hands down favorite at puppy class as she was always the first to "get" it. Then she'd go over to the owners of the slower dogs and sit, lie down or whatever in an effort to earn their treats too - pretty funny to watch.

She is always anxious to play and cannot understand those dogs who are not up for a hard running chase, wrestle and roll session. We have taken pains to socialize her widely and expose her to as many safe new experiences and places as possible from the beginning. The result is a bright, happy dog who is confident and as devoted to us as we are to her. She especially loves to come out to the big open fields behind our house with us. She pounces around after things that aren't there and looks like the world's craziest, biggest rabbit. The best bit is watching her charge over to us with her ears and tongue flapping as soon as we call her - sheer joy on 4 legs. Everybody at our neighborhood park knows Lily and she has quite the fan club going. She's also a wonderful ambassador for German Shepherd dogs and you as a breeder. Several dog owners are deciding their next dogs will be GSDs and have asked about you, so I refer them to your website. We have become friendly with the owners of another GSD. He's a big boy of 5 with similar markings to Lily but his personality is not as open friendly and "bubbly" as Lily's. She is very exuberant and loves everyone that's willing to give her a chance to say hi. He's more cautious and grumpy and Lily is one of very few dogs he'll tolerate. They are gorgeous together though - BigMe and MiniMe. It's as if they recognize they are both GSDs.

I want you to know that we are following your advice to be patient and positive always. Despite the moments of wreckage and mayhem it's become second nature and I think we are more patient with one another as well as with Lily. She gets distracted sometimes and can be loud if she wants attention but overall she's a sweetie and all the puppy annoyances like peeing inside and gnawing us are fading into memory. Much as I love the puppy, I am loving the dog she is becoming more with every passing day.

So I wanted you to know that we are delighted with Angel and Zamb's little girl.


Hello Whisper,
Zero continues to amaze and charm! He's brilliant and sweet and incredibly affectionate. What a fantastic dog. He was a little bit leash aggressive for a while, but we seem to have gotten past that. Just wanted to give you an update :)


Hello Whisper,
Just wanted to let you know that we just LOVE LOVE LOVE our Lily. She is getting lighter on the face and legs now and both ears stay up. Dave calls her "Big Ears" and she sure is cute. Fiona and I were away over the weekend and she got so excited when we came back that she peed 3 times. We had kind of anticipated it so were outside so no harm done. We were so happy to see her. I kept calling home to hear her over the weekend and she was fine with Dave and Orla but they said she missed us and would look around and whimper sometimes.

She had her second shot last week and has been cleared for her first puppy class next weekend. She already sits and does down and is pretty good on her leash so I am expecting her to be considered the star. She is amazingly laid back about strangers and loud noises, which is just fine with us. She loves being with us and snuffling around the back yard. She has especially enjoyed doing yard work with us. Of course, she's a puppy so we have to stay vigilant on the pottying and discourage the chewing. The trainer told us to lightly smear our hands with peanut butter and let her lick. That was a real breakthrough on the biting - of course you may know that trick already.

Anyway, just wanted to assure you that Lily is great and much loved by all. Hope you, the family and all the animals are well.

Michelle, Saneel, Grace, Bella and Coco

Hello Whisper,
We just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Coco. She is getting so big, and turning into such a beautiful dog. She does look a lot like her mom, and she seems to be getting lighter in color every day. She has lost several baby teeth and her adult teeth are growing in. She LOVES playing in the water (as you can see in the pics). Last Vet visit she weighed 30 lbs, and that was about a month ago. We think she will be around 60 lbs or so, but we will have to wait and see :) We plan on enrolling her in the young adult training classes at Big Basin just as soon as we get the baby settled in at home. She will be here in 1 week. We will continue to send you updated pics of this wonderful pup. Have a great day!


Hello Whisper,
Spike is 8 months and 80 lbs! He's a great dog!


Hello Whisper,
I finally got some pictures uploaded and wanted to send some your way so you can see what a handsome boy Darko is! He just turned a year old. We had x-rays done a while ago and he definitely has mega-esophogus. He wasn't gaining much weight for a while, but we switched him to a raw food diet and he's been doing great. Very happy and healthy and a lot of energy! The pictures are from the beach a few months ago.

Hope all is well on the Kimmelot farm!

Michael Hedley and family

Hello Whisper,
I thought I would share a few recent photos of Django. He is working out great. He is the perfect dog for us. He passed his training with flying colors and plays great with out other dogs and cats. He has his first RV trip a few weeks ago and had a blast.

Hope all is well on the Kimmelot farm!

Kyle Tobin-Williams

Hello Whisper,
Check out how gorgeous these guys are! Feel free to add pics to your website, if you like! We could not love them more or be prouder.

Gustav (Goose, who is still silly-super friendly and still chases his tail) is about 125- 130 lbs. Parents: Gypsy & Boomer

Rommel, the king of fetchers, is the talker and worries about MY location at all times is not quite 100 lbs. Parents: Goldie & the all black male.

They walk as a team, side by side, with me as if they were little tiny dogs. They are well behaved on leash...and play with one another like crazy goof-balls when free. We Love them so!!!

We have referred too many people to count to you and will continue to do so...

They are treated as companions and required to do nothing more than run, walk, play, sleep, and eat. They are boarded at The Dog House when we vacation or they go with us. They are precious family and we thank you for them!


Hello Whisper,
Thanks for the training websites. Spike is terrific! He has mastered sit, stay and shake. And is almost completely housebroken. He's a bit mouthy, but all in fun. He understands when you tell him "no biting, go get a toy." However, sometimes he crouches down, ears half way up, and tries a tuff guy bark! I shake my finger at him and he will run thru your legs in a figure 8, run around the room, grab a toy and shake the heck out of it! I want to register him with the AKC and am wondering if you would refer to him as black and tan or black and red? He seems to be getting darker, but I'm not sure. Also, I'm thinking I might go ahead and let him breed a couple of times, but I have no idea what that will entail so I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out later:) These turtle pictures reminded me of when he was checking out your turtle in the yard.

Vicki Swan

Hello Whisper,
I'm loving the my "girls". My block is 6/10ths of a mile and we walk around it in the morning and evening. At first Struddle didn't like the leash, but now she's acts like she's been using one forever. Neither dog wants to come in the house after their walk. They love it! They also like my's the perfect size......not too big and not too small. They always go "potty" in the bark which is great. They played with Debbie's (my friend who came with me) doxies on Thursday afternoon and this morning our walk, they met a new little friend. We're going to join the S.C.O.O.P. group (Sun City Organization Of Pooches) next week. There's a new dog park not too far away where they all take their dogs to play. I learned that on our walk this morning.

Thanks a bunch for everything......I'm so happy with my girls. I've attached a picture of them from yesterday when we were "running" errands together. They are in the front seat of the car watching me intently.


Hello Whisper,
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Zero is doing fantastically! He's got an incredible temperment, is very good natured and patient, and loves to play, play, play. He's bonded really well to everyone in the house.

He's about 16 months now- the training is really setting in, He's learned how to ease back a little bit -for a while we were having some trouble on the playground because he was rambunctious and scared the other dogs with his herding instincts - but now he's really gotten to a point where he's learned to hold back a little so as not to freak anyone out. He was a bit shy with new people initially, but this isn't a problem anymore - he's friendly at home, a little less friendly out in public, but never ever viscious.

We've been workign with him on some fancier tricks lately. I'm trying to teach him to play find it with objects - step by step. He'd make an amazing drug dog - he finds tennis balls in the most deeply recessed places, and is vigilant aabout getting them out. He has amazing focus.

He's almost completely filled out - 95 pounds of big furry love! Here's a picture of our big guy.

I gave your contact info to a friend who's shepherd just past away at a ripe old age. Hopefully she'll be calling you - she was utterly taken and in love with Zero when she met him.


Hello Whisper,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I lost my job due to the economy and things have been hectic. But I always have my ray of sunshine (Cache) who brightens my day. He is so beautiful! We can't take him anywhere without getting compliments on his beauty and social skills. How lucky we are to have him as part of our family! i've attached some pictures starting when he was 4 months through just last month. Please know that he is healthy and in a loving home with us where he is treated like a "Prince". If you have any questions this is my new email. Take care and thank you for bringing "Cache" into our lives.

Yulia Stern

"Mishka. He is great. Thank you"

Victoria Reiner

Hello Whisper,

This is Victoria Reiner. I'm just e-mailing you to tell you how our puppy is doing. We named him Axel, just like his dad, and boy is he growing up fast. He is bigger then we imagined. He weighs about 70 to 75 pound I'm guessing and he is only 6 months! He has the biggest paws I've ever seen, and the biggest tail. Whenever we go for a walk, people always stop to see him. He's gorgeous! About three weeks ago, my dad and i went on vacation and my grandparents babysat him. Well, one day my grandpa took Axel for a walk and a car stopped in the middle of the road and a man got out of his car and was fascinated with Axel. He told my grandpa he had a passion for them and that Axel was the most Beautiful dog he had ever seen. He absolutely LOVES to swim. Everyday he is swimming. Even when i come home from school he is in the pool swimming laps. I really wish i could send you a picture of him right now, but we haven't uploaded any pictures of him onto my computer. But I'm sure once they are uploaded, my dad will send you a picture. He really loves it here, and he is the best dog a person could have.

Emily Forbes

Hello Whisper,
I wanted to share some photo's of our Miss Elly, the little diva that she is. It's been a while since our last conversation, but things are going really well here. Elly is a FANTASTIC family companion. She is as smart as a whip (which keeps us on our toes) and one of the most playful dogs i've ever had the pleasure of living with. Evan and me couldn't be happier and we thank you again.

One other thing, she is very skinny weighing about 75lbs. I've had her to the vet and she has a clean bill of health. She is not a big eater, never has been. She is offered approx 4 cups of food per day (Solid Gold BATM) and about 5 out of 7 days she only eats dinner. I've heard that GSD's don't start to fill out until about 2yrs and that having them on the thinner side is better for their growing hips and that's why i'm hesitant to find alternative ways to put some weight on her. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


I have moved several years ago to Galt near Lodi and I finally got married 8 years ago to a great man named Paul. My kids are all grown up now, My oldest Ryan has is own DJ company and my youngest Robert is a Sgt. in the Marine Corp. Oh yea, already a Grandma her name is Brianna now how time flies when you're having fun! Here are a few pictures of Lady Samantha of Kimmelot and Deblyns E MacCarthur. Sam hasn't had too many issues only that now she has arthritis in her back leg & drags her foot sometimes otherwise still kicking at 13 1/2.


Our Daughter with one of our 80 lb grand-pups , the Brother to Anna Bananna. Their owner thinks he is the best dog ever , little does he know they all are! Whisper

Blaze ( Liberty X Axel )

Black Jack ( Liberty X Axel )

Michelle Hannon

You probably don't remember me but we purchased a puppy from you 8 years ago. Our dog's name is Magic and she's the daughter of Fero and Goldie. You have a picture of Magic and my 3 daughters on your welcome page online. My daughters and I have looked at your website many times and we're always happy to see the picture.

I had German Shepherds growing up but Magic is the first dog that my daughters have ever had. I'm happy to say that Magic is a huge part of our family and brings us joy and happiness.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing a recent picture of Magic and my daughters.

I hope your holidays were happy and best of wishes for the new year.

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