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Dawn Dalyce has been raising superior quality German Shepherd dogs for over 30 years. A few are hero police K-9s or Search and Rescue dogs, competition (CDX, SCh dogs), or winning conformation show / breeding dogs. But about 90% are treasured family best friends and protectors. Compare the friendly, calm, happy personalities we are famous for. Compare our program, pedigrees, guarantees, and references. Come and be impressed by our beauty and temperaments.

A well bred German Shepherd can be your child's best friend, gentle playmate, and a devoted protector. Kimmelot bred puppy MAX, and his beloved boys. Thank you Teresa Hebert.

Kimmelot / LFR dogs are highly recommended by police, vets, breeders, trainers, and hundreds of families who will tell you our dogs are a joy to live with. Talk to people who have 2, 3 or 4 of our dogs and wouldn't buy anywhere else. References link above.

Excellent SCH. OFEL.

Sequence #1
"Wanna fight mommy?
You have to go through me!"

Sequence #2.
"Don't you hit my mommy with that whip!"

Sequence #3
"Chomp! Beauty can bite!!"

ANGEL at the park with Shaun Daniel.
Kimmelot, the finest babysitters.

The Kimmelot / LFR bloodlines are now 7 generations deep of Dawn's own breeding, and we've worked hard to breed out genetic defects like hip dysplasia, heart defects, epilepsy, diabetes, meanness, allergies and worse. Our "great luck" of creating beautiful, good natured, healthy and hearty dogs is a real comfort to our buyers. Most pups are raised in homes with young children. All are socialized with kids.

#120 lbs. 0FA G, OFEL, PDP, SCH.

Adorable Kimmelot babies
Black & red showable.

Kimmelot means the finest children's playmates & protectors.

Only top German Seiger show high lines, and American Select Champion show lines with a record of producing healthy, loving dogs of high intelligence and stunning beauty are used to cross in. We find the working lines too high in fight drive, too active, needy and high maintenance. Our dogs are confident, relaxed, protective if necessary, and can work; but aren't hard or hot, mean or obsessive.

Axel and Hope 2008

FERO again.
Fantastic ideal personality and powerful gaits.
Litters available.

You're invited to come and play with our puppies, their parents and grandparents. They all love company. If you are out of state and can't come, we can e-mail you photos, listen to your description of the ideal pup for you, and find you a match you'll be thrilled with. Early reservations are recommended, as many litters sell before born.

Gorgeous dogs who are a joy to live with. This is our Legacy.

The Hannon girls with their 4 month old Goldie x Fero daughter "MAGIC".
Kimmelot dogs are made to fit your family.

Hugs and kisses and muddy paw prints!

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