Kelly’s Cane Corsos Of Western New York

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Kelly's Cane Corsos Of Western New York

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This is why in our eyes, we raise the Cane Corso, sometimes pronounced as the “Kah-neh Cor-soh”. It is also known as the Cane Corso Italiano, Cane Corso Mastiff, Cane di Macellaio, Itialian Mastiff and also the Sicilian Branchiero. The name derives from the Latin “cohors” which means protector or guardian. It has an athletic build and a solid, compact body with free flowing movement. The Cane Corso is normally a quiet dog, barking only when alerted to a strange situation. Despite the breeds size they make excellent house dogs and are very athletic.

Kelly’s Cane Corsos Of Western New York

Boo Boo pup at 8 weeks old.

The Cane Corso bonds quickly to his family and becomes quite attached especially to the children. They get along well with children, protective yet gentle, seemingly aware of the child's helplessness and innocence. Their temperament is very stable.

Kelly’s Cane Corsos Of Western New York


Kelly’s Cane Corsos Of Western New York


They enjoy being included in the family activities. Their high level of athleticism lends itself to include such activities as bike riding, swimming, long walks, jogging, or just playing fetch. Corsos make excellent house or apartment dogs however keep in mind the dog requires daily exercise, a long walk or a little jogging should do nicely for both you and your dog.

Kelly’s Cane Corsos Of Western New York

Jewels and Casper pup at 9 weeks old.

The Cane Corso is a great guard dog, extremely loyal to its family and quite aloof with strangers. He has a very protective nature and yet is able to discern friend from foe. He instinctively knows when to become a terrifying, defensive and protective dog for its owner, his grounds, the house and the whole family. He should be submissive to his family and suspicious of strangers.