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 We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website.  We are a small breeding program producing quality puppies for over 20 years.  Puppies are raised and weaned in human portacribs and playpens.  Photos of our puppies are updated weekly so you can observe the babies grow.

Our puppies exhibit the same loving and friendly personalities as their parents.  Since we have been breeding for many years we know the health history of our dogs very well.  What is more important then having a healthy and emotionally well adjusted puppy?

Currently we own three Champion males and several females, most of which are Champion Sired.  We have many show potential puppies born each year and although we prefer to place a few of these puppies into show homes we are happy to place most of our show prospect puppies into loving pet homes.  Not all puppies are born show dogs as any honest breeder will tell you.  Pet quality puppies make just as excellent pets as their show quality siblings.  Our pet quality puppies start at $600.  Our show prospects, extra ultra tinies at $1200.  Puppies come with a 1 year genetic warranty, 2nd to 3rd shots, registration, pedigrees and gift package.

 Teacup male


Check out the Parvo vaccine we use and compare it to others...
You will see that Parvo vaccines are NOT equal in effectiveness.


 Sugar Face  A Breeder should keep the puppies in with their mother while they receive their first puppy shots.  Puppies are happy and not under stress when with mother.  The first Vaccines administered to a happy puppy still with mom makes vaccination as safe as it can be!  Do not worry that nursing on mom will destroy the vaccinations due to maternal antibodies!  A puppy loses maternal antibodies rapidly from 5 weeks of age onward regardless if still nursing on mother or not.  The vaccines we use are made to work even in puppies that still have maternal antibodies from mother still in their bodies.

We do not release our puppies until they are safely and properly vaccinated and protected against canine disease BEFORE you receive them.  The FUTURE health and well-being of your puppy depends on a healthy immune system from the start (puppyhood) and proper vaccinations.  Your puppy will still be VERY SMALL at only 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. when ready to go at 11-14 wks.

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 Snow Angel

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For more information please contact:

Debra Lyn
Email: munchkinpups@icloud.com

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