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We have been breeding goats and farm animals since 1992.

MINI SILKY FAINTING GOATS---------------------------------------------------------------------------
History of the Breed
In the early 1990s Frank Baylis of Bayshore Kennel and Farm, and Renee Orr of Sol-Orr saw an AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck named “Gingerwood”.  This buck was sired by an AGS foundation Nigerian Dwarf Buck named “Cheedy”, whose sire fainted.  Frank was already breeding the Tennessee Fainter goats.  He purchased “Gingerwood” and crossed him with some small fainters.
This produced some small long haired goats.  Renee was breeding Nigerian Dwarf goats and decided to team up with Frank and breed with his long haired fainters.  They wanted the size of the Nigerians and the look of the long haired fainters.  In 1998 Bayshore’s Rogues Pierre and Bayshore’s Napoleon began breeding with select Nigerian Dwarf Does that had long hair and had fainters in their background.

In 2004 Steve and Renee Orr and other interested breeders wrote a breed standard.  This was the beginning of the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association.
Bayshore Pitty Pat
Bayshore Pitty Pat
Mini Silky Fainting Goat - Doe
Please visit the MSFGA (Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association) web site:
Cedar Hill Farms GA Misty
Cedar Hill Farms GA Misty
Mini Silky Fainting Goat - Doe kid

Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Revised Standard (Revised October, 2008)

General Description: Miniature Silky Fainting Goats are a small-sized breed of goat that are colorful and have long flowing coats and an abundance of facial hair such as bangs, beards and muffs on the cheeks, giving them a Silky Terrier-like appearance.  They should be physically balanced and proportionate, with a sleek, elegant appearance.

There is no minimum size for either sex, however, does ideally, should be 22.5 inches or under at the withers and must not exceed 23.5 inches.  Bucks ideally should be 23.5 inches or under at the withers and must not exceed 25 inches.  Any color or combination of colors is acceptable.

Mini Silkies are not required to faint, it is the "look" that sets them apart from the other breeds and makes them Mini Silkies, not the fainting.  The MSFGA does not add value on a goat that faints, but does put a premium value on the length of coat, consistency of coat and the amount of facial, neck and body hair that a goat exhibits.
Bayshore's Scarlett
Bayshore's Scarlett
Mini Silky Fainting Goat - Doe
What Causes A Goat To Faint?

Myotonia is the condition that causes the goats to stiffen and/or fall over when startled.  This condition is caused by a combination of recessive genes.  Fainting goats can show varying degrees of myotonia, when startled some will fall to the ground with their entire bodies perfectly stiff and rigid.  Others will only stiffen in their limbs and not fall to the ground.  The condition lasts for ten to fifteen seconds after which time the animal will rise and walk off, still showing a noticeable degree of stiffness in their back limbs.  After a short time this stiffness will disappear then they will walk and act like any other goat.  This condition only affects their external muscles so while in a myotonic state the animal is fully conscious and aware of its surroundings.  This is not painful and in no way affects their life span.  With proper care they will live just as long as any other breed of goat.


Cedar Hill Farms is in the process of producing the first generation Mini Silky “Nubi-Wade” Goats.  These will be a combination of Miniature Nigerian Dwarfs / Nubians-Mini Nubians / Mini Silky Fainting Goats.  This should produce the flashy spotted colors of the Nigerian dwarf the bold flashy colors of the Mini Silkies.  Several generations of breeding should produce long coated offspring with the floppy long pendulum ears of the Nubians.

Cedar Hill Farms GA have bred the Mini Silky Goats to Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf goats to produce this longer haired flashy mini Goat.

MINI NUBIAN GOATS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Background on Mini Nubians
Cedar Hill Farms GA Marla
Cedar Hill Farms GA Marla
1st Generation Mini Nubian doe

Mini-Nubian Goats are a crossbreed between a Nigerian Dwarf buck and a Nubian doe.  The offspring of such a breeding is referred to as a first generation kid and registered as an Experimental Nubian (X Nubian) Each breeding thereafter between crossbreeds creates the next generation.
1 gen+1 gen=2 gen 2 gen+2 gen=3 gen
By the time 3 generation kids are born they are eligible for registry as purebreds IF they meet the breed confirmation standards for Mini-Nubians.  Mixes of different generations are possible and sometimes even desirable to correct flaws or enhance characteristics.  When goats of different generations are bred the kid is registered as one generation higher than the lowest parent.

1 gen+3 gen=2 gen 1 gen+2 gen=2 gen
Anytime an X Nubian is bred back to a purebred Nubian (or Nigerian) the offspring is automatically a 1 gen again.  Height for bucks 22-28" at the withers.  Height for does 19-25" at the withers.

Smaller goats are in demand for the pet market.  We found the Nigerian-Nubian combination carries the lovely Nigerian personalities, a quieter goat (than Nubians), a very manageable size and those adorable ears Nubian ears plus they are good milkers! We enjoy the variety of color and markings that are possible.
MINIATURE DONKEYS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Miniature donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia.  Miniature Donkeys have not been bred down in size per se.  The 25-30 Miniature Donkeys originally imported into the U.S. were between the sizes of 32" and 38" with the majority of them being in the 35"-37" size range.  Over the years, breeders have concentrated more on the 32"-33" size and today you’re most desirable and well-conformed donkeys are from 31" to 35".
Life Span:  With proper lifelong care, 25-40 years.
Height:  36-38" or under.
Weight:  200 to 450 pounds
Males:  A Jack
Females:  A A Jennet

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