Bushee Bear Schipperkes I am Rosalie Nelson and I am the owner and operator of Bushee Bear Kennel in the middle of corn country and where John Deere tractors are manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa.

I have been raising Schipperke puppies for 30 years.  Most of my breeding stock I have raised from puppies and I still have the parents and grandparents.  I raise Schipperkes because I love the breed, even as adults they can still be puppy-like at heart.  They are energetic and independent and very intelligent.  They learn fast, are very curious and know when something has been changed in or out of the house.  They are big dogs in little packages.
My puppies are born and raised in my kitchen and are played with by my Granddaughter and her friends so they are used to people.

They have their dew claws and tails docked when they are three days old and are vet checked, wormed and have their first two sets of shots before they leave the premises.
Bushee Bear Schipperkes Bushee Bear Schipperkes

I use Northwest Airlines to ship and can ship anywhere in the U.S. where Northwest flies.

For more information please contact:

Rosalie Nelson
(319) 827-1091
Email: rjn@jtt.net

Bushee Bear Schipperkes

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Bushee Bear Schipperkes

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