Blackgold BulldogsBlackgold Bulldogs

Breeders of very rare black English Bulldogs

We are the largest breeder of black English Bulldogs in the world.

We consistently breed black and white as well as black and tan English Bulldogs.

Our dogs are very well bred with large, wrinkly heads, broad shoulders, thick boned and heavily built.

We often get pure white puppies in the same litters.

Our white puppies are very white and don't spot out.

Some have a red or black patch over one or both eyes.

Our dogs are AKC registered and DNA tested.

Up close and personal with one of my black and tan puppies

Black Bulldogs are not for everyone. They are a specific color that appeal to a select few. Most people don't even realize they exist and never have the opportunity to see one in person. They cause a lot of attention by everyone that sees them everywhere we go.

Don Edward

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