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Korean Jindo Puppies For Sale

Puppies Available! Simply request Pet Breeders contact you promptly! Breeders will email or call you with specific breed information and available pets and prices. Request Korean Jindo Puppy Information

Descendants of Nordic Spitzen, the Korean Jindo was declared a national treasure by the Korean government in 1962. With cat-like feet, straight legs and elbows close to the body, they are similar to the structure of the Akita. Like cats, these dogs are self-groomers with fastidious cleanliness. Almost all Jindos possess a strong will, even the ones that seem deceptively compliant. They are free spirits with independent minds who love to roam. These dogs are not recommended for inexperienced owners. Jindos are good watchdogs but seldom bark. Daily brushing is required to remove the undercoat, otherwise be prepared for seasonal rolling tumbleweeds of hair. These dogs weigh 25 to 50 lbs. and stand 16-25" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend. Read more on this breed.

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