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Egyptian Mau Kittens For Sale
The Egyptian Mau is the only natural spotted breed of domestic cat. An extremely intelligent animal, the Mau places a great importance on family, both human and their own, and is fiercely loyal in their devotion to them. They are active, athletic and have an elegant body that is randomly spotted, with banded legs and tail. They have expressive gooseberry green eyes, distinctive mascara lines, a worried expression on the face, and a graceful cheetah-like stride. The Mau comes in four colors: silver, bronze, smoke and black. The black Mau is not eligible for the show ring, but can be registered. Contact the cat breeders below for your next family friend.
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      All kittens double-registered w/ TICA & CFA. Reasonably priced, quality, healthy, home-raised Egyptian Maus in Silver, Bronze, Smoke, & Black. Championship bloodlines available. Exceptional boldly spotted furry family members. Let's talk Mau! Also has Savannah. North Carolina
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