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The Donovan's Pinscher is a combination of several Terrier and Mastiff bloodlines bred with top herding breeds, which has produced a powerful mid-size dog conducive to police and security assignments. These dogs harness strength, intelligence and agility with the ability to reason and react with an intensity unseen before in the dog world. They are accomplished in protection sports, K-9 security, detection work and personal service work such as physical assistance and therapy dogs. In their brief 16 year history, they have evolved into what many consider to be the number one utilitarian working breed in the world. Males weigh 70 to 100 lbs. and stand 22-26" at the shoulders. Females weigh 65 to 85 lbs. and stand 20-25" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend. Read more on this breed.

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