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Caucasian Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale
Also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, these flock guardian dogs originated 2000 years ago in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. They are assertive, strong-willed, alert, hardy and courageous. Unless properly trained and socialized, they may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies. Everything and everyone who belongs to the household including children, cats and other dogs will be regarded as family to this breed and they will protect their family from all comers. They need lots of exercise and an owner who knows how to handle them. Their headstrong, self-thinking nature and tendencies to nocturnal barking and digging can be problematic. They have a thick, dense, weather-resistant coat with profuse feathering. Caucasians are large and heavy boned, weighing 99 to 154 lbs. and standing 25-28" at the shoulders. Authentic dogs are FCI registered. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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