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Carolina Dog Puppies For Sale
Also called the American Dingo, the Dixie Dingo, the Southern Dingo, the Native American Dog, the Indian's Dog, the Southern Aboriginal Dog, and just plain Ol' Yaller Dog. Medium built with large, erect ears (designed for optimal sound retrieval and possibly body temperature regulation), and a long, curved tail (used for signaling and communication), they have a short, dense coat - traits that have been naturally selected to ensure survival under free-ranging conditions. Average height is 17 to 24 inches, but can vary according to build. Average weight is 40 to 60 pounds. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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      The perfect pet. True Family Treasure. Champion show dogs. Excellent & Loyal companions for all ages. 100% guaranteed. This ancient breed is featured in National Geographic's show "Search for the First Dog", Discovery Channel, BBC Worldwide & many National/International Articles. Aiken, South Carolina
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