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The Canis Panther originated in the USA in the 1970s. Breeder Scorpio Jones sought to create a dog that excelled at personal protectrion. The breed has established bloodlines with multi-generation pedigrees. They are highly intelligent, loyal, loving and extremely protective of family and home. They also excel in obedience, agility and personal protection training and tasks. The body is heavily muscled with a wide chest and jaw, and they possess a short luxurious coat in colors of chocolate, black, buckskin and blue. The tail is docked and the ears cropped. Males average 28 inches and 130 lbs. Females are similar in height and average 105 lbs. The temperament of the Canis Panther is very loving, sensitive to its family and suspicious of strangers. They are not animal aggressive and do well in homes with children and other pets when properly introduced. Read more on this breed.

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