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Border Collie Puppies For Sale
Still the most popular working sheepdog in Great Britain and Ireland, these dogs can make an affectionate but difficult pet. Border Collies from working lines have a strong predatory instinct which is best channeled through proper breeding and training into a superb herding ability. However, without constant stimulation, this need to work will vent itself in unwanted behavior such as herding other dogs or people. These dogs are easy to train and they need plenty of exercise. Coat colors are red, blue merle, tricolor, black & white and brown & black. These dogs weigh 30 to 49 lbs. and stand 18-21" at the shoulders Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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      Puppies Available Now! We have raised Border Collies and Livestock Guardian Dogs for over 20 years. We screen all our dogs for health issues, both breeding and when available, non-breeding offspring. We radiograph hips and test dogs for eye issues using Cerf and DNA panels. We strive to produce dogs that are not only mentally and physically sound, but a joy to be around. Also has Anatolian Shepherd. Border Collie Puppies For Sale in Charles City, Virginia United States
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