To-Lyn Traditional

To-Lyn Traditional

Siamese Kittens For Sale in Stockton, CA United States

Linda Yamamoto (209) 982-9344 (Phone)

Old Style Siamese. Over 38+ years of Breeding Healthy Social Sweet kittens. Introducing Tortie points and Red points. TICA, CFA & CFF Registered. Siamese in all 4 Colors Seal/Chocolate/Blue/Lilac. Traditional Apple Heads Only. FeLv/FIV-Negative guarantee. Parents indoors only. Totally vaccinated and wormed.

Also has Balinese, Thai, Colorpoint Shorthairs.

Kittens Available!

Litter Description:
Thai Kittens for Sale

Advertising with us for 29 yr(s)!

Added on: June 04, 1991 - Updated on: August 21, 2019

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