Ragdoll Comfort Kittens

Ragdoll Comfort Kittens

Ragdoll Comfort Kittens

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale in Boston, MA United States

Juls (617) 459-9189

We are a Small In Home, Mom, Daughter & Grand Daughter Hobby Breeder. With TICA Certified. Ragdolls, Ragamuffins, Munchkin Rug Huggers and Minuets. We have both Kittens and Adult Breeders Available at times. Unlike what most folks think, We do not make a profit, all sales go right back into Vet Care, Food, Toys & Supplies for our Kitty Family. We have very carefully selected our breeders responsibly for their Health, Beauty, and fun Loving Affectionate Personalities that we want to see past on. These Kitties are Very well known for there Emotional Support Qualities and are great with Children and other Pets. This has been a very expensive, hardworking, time consuming hobby we have enjoyed and have been very passionate about as a family and now we want to share some of there kittens with others especially during such difficult times. These kitties bring so much Love and Comfort into our home and we are sure they will in yours as well. Purchase one of our Kitties for yourself or someone you love. Follow us on Instagram! RagdollcofortKittens

Also has Munchkin Cats, Ragamuffin Cats, Napoleons.

Currently sold Out Sorry : (

Deposit: $500 Deposit.

Whats Included:
Free Delivery To Your Home Any Where In New England Or Any Major Airport In The US If Flights Are Available For an Extra Fee, With Pet Safe Shipping Subjuct to Availability. Your Kitty will come in a Cat Carrier for you to keep. Up To Date Vaccines as well as First Month Health Insurance For Your Peace Of Mind and Protection. Your Kitty can also come with Breeding rights for an extra fee for responsible breeders only.

Added on: April 08, 2020 - Updated on: September 09, 2020

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