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Tonkinese Kittens For Sale
This breed was created by cross-breeding Siamese and Burmese breeds. It has a moderate body and deep, aqua colored eyes that compliment its sleek, soft coat. Their coat comes in a unique pattern known as "mink". The coat is pointed like the Siamese, but the body comes in a variety of different shades. This cat is a very active, playful, people-oriented breed that is alert to its surroundings. Contact the cat breeders below for your next family friend.
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    • Four Pawhaus Tonkinese
    • Havana, FL
    • Tonkinese Kittens For SaleAdvertising with us for 14yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      Kittens and adults, pet and show quality, very friendly, home raised, all colors. CFA registered. Visit our cattery or we can ship. Also has Havana Browns. Havana, Florida
    • Ed Powell (850) 539-4668
    • Email Website
    • Swan Falls Burmese and Tonkinese
    • Meridian, ID
    • Tonkinese Kittens For SaleAdvertising with us for 3yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      Social and healthy kittens that love a warm lap and to follow you from room to room. Check out my web page for more information. Meridian, Idaho
    • Kate Summer (208) 922-4949
    • Email Website

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