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A cross resulting from the breeding of an African Serval and a domestic cat has recently resulted in the replication of the striking coat pattern and body structure of the Serval. Savannahs are smaller (approximately 25 pounds) and more manageable than Servals, but are the largest hybrid feline available today. Contact the cat breeders below for your next family friend.
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    • Majestic Savannahs
    • Bryan, TX
  • Beautiful Exotic Kittens Available! Very Domesticated!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Elegant, Sophisticated, Exotic Breeding only the highest quality Savannahs to Savannahs and Servals to Savannahs. We guarantee your kitten will come well socialized, litter-box trained, & ready to be a member of your family. Bryan, Texas
    • Susan (832) 746-8490
    • Email Website
    • Wyldthingz Savannahs
    • Windsor, CA
  • Local delivery and shipping also available.
    • Savannah Kittens For SaleAdvertising with us for 5yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      TICA Registered Kittens, home raised and bred for quality, health, type and personality. Well adjusted kittens guaranteed at reasonable prices. Pets or Show Cats. Local delivery and shipping also available. Windsor, California
    • Kelly Sheppard (707) 315-8619
    • Email Website
    • Rare Breed Exotics Savannahs
    • CA
  • F4 Savannah kittens available!
    • Savannah Kittens For Sale
      Kittens For Sale!
      EXTREMELY WELL SOCIALIZED F4 Savannah kittens raised inside with wolfdogs. Beautiful spots and the BEST personalities! 18+ yrs. Breeding/Training/Socializing. BEST PRICES in the ENTIRE US for similar quality. Also has Wolfdog. California
    • Jason and Tori (707) 888-2559
    • Email Website Facebook Youtube
    • Monterey Savannahs
    • Monterey, CA
  • Kittens Available Now!
    • Kittens For Sale!
      We offer the finest Savannah kittens at discount prices. Breeding Savannahs is all we do and we are very passionate about our very lovable and playful kittens! Military discount available! Monterey, California
    • Travis Dillard 1 (844) SAV-ANAH
    • Email Website Facebook
    • F1Hybrids Savannah Cats Savannahs
    • KY
  • F1 Savannah Kittens For Sale
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      Kittens For Sale!
      F2 Savannah Kittens! Rare High percentage F2 Savannahs. NOT all F2 Savannahs have the same quality! Celebrating over 4 million views on YouTube and 2,500+ Facebook Followers! Kentucky
    • F1Hybrids Savannahs (859) 319-7303
    • Email Website
    • Savannahnia Savannahs
    • Los Angeles, CA
  • Beautiful F3 and F4 Kittens Availble
    • Kittens For Sale!
      We raised for the best in temperament, health and intelligence Savannah in our small cattery. TICA-registered certified-pedigree, GREAT with children & other pets. Health guarantee provided.F3 and F4 KITTEN are AVAIBLE!! Los Angeles, California
    • Jessie (213) 327-9082
    • Email Website
    • DomesticWildCat Savannahs
    • Fountain Valley, CA
  • Kittens available now!!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Our Savannahs live inside with our family. They're spoiled rotten :) They look wild and get BIG. Give me a call ~ I'm happy to meet new friends and talk Savannahs :) Fountain Valley, California
    • Taran Nolan (562) 233-0315
    • Email Website
    • OC Savannahs
    • Aliso Viejo, CA
  • Kittens Available Now!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Small cattery, cats kept in-home, very well socialized with dogs & kids. Very intelligent and love interaction. They act more like a family dog than a domestic cat. Aliso Viejo, California
    • Janeese (949) 544-1262
    • Email Website
    • Spots of Africa Savannahs
    • Thousand Oaks, CA
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Finest Beautiful Long-Legged Exotic Savannah Kittens. F2 Kittens with High percentage of Serval (30%) Available Now. Hand Raised around dogs and children, TICA Registered, Health Guarantee. Visitors welcome Thousand Oaks, California
    • Stacey Klusman (805) 558-6779
    • Email Website
    • Spotted Love Savannahs
    • Lakeside, CA
  • Spotted Love Savannah Kittens Available Now!!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Home raised F2's, F3's and F6's Savannah kittens. We provide healthy, happy, loving companions for pets or show. Our kittens are social, confident, have exemplary temperament and exotic looks. Lakeside, California
    • Leonard D. (858) 513-1777
    • Website
    • Wesa Savannahs
    • Somis, CA
  • Kittens Available Now!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Our Savannah kittens make perfect companions! All kittens born & raised in my home. Dedicated to raising healthy & socialized Savannah kittens with a wild, "Serval" look! Somis, California
    • KC Riddle (805) 490-1199
    • Email Website
    • Mokave Cats Savannahs
    • FL
  • Now taking deposits on 2014 kittens!
    • Advertising with us for 8yr(s)!
      Super-Friendly Kittens! Up to 28 lbs. Smart, exotic-looking, good with kids/pets. Litter-trained, health-certified, easy care, no permits. $5000 up. Click Website for photos, more info on your new best friend! Also has Bobcat Hybrid, Jag Cat. Florida
    • Nora Scholin (904) 292-9195
    • Email Website
    • Belle Hollow Farms And Exotics, Savannahs
    • NC
  • Kittens Available Now!
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      Kittens For Sale!
      Specializing in Early Generation Human Imprinted kittens plus later generation boldly spotted pets. Reasonably priced, quality, healthy, home-raised, extremely outgoing & pliable companions. Nothing will love you like one of our cats! Let's chat Savannahs! Also has Egyptian Mau. North Carolina
    • Betsy (828) 524-6943
    • Email Website
    • KemplesCats Savannahs
    • Morrisville, PA
    • Advertising with us for 6yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale! (Females Only)
      F3B Born 3-11-2104 Female Kitten Available! TICA Registered Cattery specializing in 2nd, 3rd & 4th generations born & raised in the home. Multi imprinted for the best temperament. Stunning Serval markings, size, health & much more. Morrisville, Pennsylvania
    • Linda Kemple (215) 428-3583 / (215) 205-4728 Cell
    • Email Website
    • SC
    • Savannah Kittens For SaleAdvertising with us for 1yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      We have F2,F3 AND F4 Savannahs. They are so beautiful and cuddly. You want believe how energetic and loving a Savannah cat can be. South Carolina
    • Terry Macmath (803) 707-1724
    • Email
    • Prosavannahs
    • Cleveland, TN
    • Advertising with us for 2yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      Specializing in Fi-F3 Savannah kittens. Sweet, loving hand-raised kittens come with vaccinations and a health guarantee. Enjoy a playful, energetic kitten that has the "wild " without having to gotoAfrica! Cleveland, Tennessee
    • Valerie Miller (423) 478-1815
    • Email Website
    • Mid-South Savannahs
    • Somerville, TN
    • Advertising with us for 2yr(s)!
      Kittens For Sale!
      SAVANNAH KITTENS FOR-SALE. MID-SOUTH SAVANNAHS. F2 & F4 kittens. Best Prices. Best quality. Best customer service anywhere. Located in West Tennessee. Delivery available in person or pick up at our cattery. Somerville, Tennessee
    • David House (901) 860-3709
    • Email Website

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